How to Make Nonprofit Communications Easier and Save Time

How to Make Nonprofit Communications Easier and Save Time

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Nonprofit Communications

Ever find yourself trying to communicate with volunteers, staff members, donors and new leads and falling behind? With a small staff, it's challenging for many nonprofit organizations to manage all their daily communications. You're trying to send out emails to keep your supporters up to date, create donation campaigns and spread the word about your cause, organize nonprofit events and much more.

Have you ever tried using an automated nonprofit communication solution? If not, now is the time to give it a try. By automating many of your small daily communication tasks, you can save hours of time every single day. Most automated solutions offer a free trial so you can see if the solution is right for your needs.

Let's look at a few of the processes you can automate and what you can do using an automated solution.


Automated emails are useful for a number of purposes. Whenever someone makes a donation to your cause, a prompt automated email graciously thanks them and lets them know that their donation has been successfully processed. When you want to send out an email newsletter each month, create it using the built-in email editor. Within a few minutes, your email is ready to go. Schedule it to go out on a specific date and you're good to go.

Text Messages

You may not have used text messages before for your nonprofit communication, but they do have a place. Most text messages are read within just five minutes of being received, which makes them great for reminders. When you're running a campaign, hosting a nonprofit event or organizing volunteers, use automated text messages. A quick text message keeps people on time and ensures that they don't forget about their important responsibilities.

Text messages are also used successfully for nonprofit fundraising campaigns. Donors text small donations to a short code in order to contribute. These campaigns provide a quick and simple way to donate, so you are likely to receive a higher number of donations.


A quick phone call is another good way to send reminders to volunteers and donors. An automated voicemail message lets them know what time an event is happening, the location and any other relevant information.


Did you know you can organize an entire event with just a few clicks? With our automated event tool, you can set up a landing page for your event so invitees will have somewhere to find information. You just enter your information and your landing page is automatically created. Using the same event tool, easily schedule automated text message reminders and email reminders to boost attendance. Your automated solution gathers all the responses so you always know who is coming. You can easily create tickets for the event, integrate automated social media messages and much more.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are great for reaching out to new supporters and spreading your message. Many nonprofit organizations, however, find it difficult to maintain their pages due to a lack of time and staff resources. By automating your social media posting, you can keep your pages up to date and provide fresh content without having to manually post every day.

Try our all-in-one automated nonprofit solution for free to make your nonprofit communications much more efficient. Sign up for a free demo below from our experts to learn how to make the most of our automated solution.

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