Not for Profit Marketing Online in All the Right Places

Not for Profit Marketing Online in All the Right Places

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Not for Profit Marketing Online

 If you're just getting started with online not for profit marketing, you may be wondering how and where you should focus your efforts. We have gathered up a number of methods you should be using, and have asked many of our nonprofit customers what has worked for them. The following are some online not for profit marketing methods that you can implement in order to get your message out.

Some of these methods can be automated to save time and effort. Most not for profit organizations are working with a small budget, so we have focused on affordable or free marketing methods.


For sure, the first thing you need to set up is your not for profit website. You want donors, supporters, volunteers and other people to have somewhere to go where they can easily learn more about your organization. Without a website, people may think your organization is not legitimate. It also gives you a simple place to send people when they want to donate.

Social Media

Social media helps you reach out to a wide audience and spread your message to new supporters. You can also run donation campaigns, have your content shared by visitors to make it "go viral" and much more. An automated solution posts your messages at set times so you don't have to spend time manually updating your pages.


By writing short blog posts and posting them on your site, you increase your SEO profile with good content. SEO refers to search engine optimization. By focusing on SEO, you make your site more likely to show up when someone in your area searches for relevant terms. For example, if someone enters "local not for profit" into a search engine, your website will be likely to show up on the first page of results. This allows you to draw more visitors to your website and increase the amount of people who see your messages.


Without a doubt, email is one of the most affordable and effective marketing tools available. Email generates the highest ROI of all the marketing methods, yet it is affordable even for not for profit organizations. Your email marketing efforts are easily automated so you can manage your entire campaign with just a few clicks. Read our post about not for profit email marketing here to learn tips for making your email campaigns more effective.

Try All-in-One Online Marketing for Free

These are just a few effective online marketing methods that can be easily implemented by not for profit organizations. Try our all-in-one automated communication solution for free today. It integrates over 15 communication tools, including email, text message, social media management, voicemail, survey and many more.

Request a demo by our experts to learn how marketing automation can be successfully used by your not for profit organization. We also offer reduced not for profit pricing.

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