Make Deliverability and Compliance Your Top Priority

Make Deliverability and Compliance Your Top Priority

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We know, deliverability and compliance is about as exciting as going to the dentist, but it has to be done. Without it, your online marketing campaigns are going to crash and burn and we certainly don't want that.

For as long as SimplyCast has been around, we have been preaching how to improve deliverability and how you can take your online reputation to great heights. Online marketers have one goal - to get the message to the inbox, fax machine, smartphone and where ever else we can send it. No deliverability - no readers.

Now that we have taken care of the "scared straight" part of the post, it is time to refresh your mind on the how to improve and the how to avoid disaster.

Since we have gone into a great deal in the past, there is no point rehashing the truth.

So here are 10 blog posts that have touched on ways to improve deliverability and get your message sent to where it needs to go.

Your Delivery Rate is Killing Your Sales - Run your numbers through and see how much your deliverability rate is slashing your sales. This is your wake up call.

Improving Open Rates For Email Marketing Campaigns - On average open rates should be 24-26%. If you are receiving open rates around this range you are doing very well.

Ask Your Subscribers To Whitelist You - Repeat after me, it is okay to ask your subscribers to whitelist you.

Sneaky Ways to Improve Sales through Email Deliverability data - Essentially, one of the sneakiest ways to look at your data is comparing your actions against those of your subscribers.

10 Ways to Supercharge Your Deliverability Rate: Email - Here are 10 ways to not only ensure that your emails are delivered every single time but also please your customers at the same time.

15 Ways to Make Sure Your Emails are Delivered Every Single Time - Emails lost in the cyberspace or placed in a junk folder timeout chair absolutely do not convert clicks to sales or attract new customers.

Pro-Tips: Write Better Subject Lines - With these short, easy to follow professional tips (and areas to avoid!), you can ensure that your next email blast is engaging and, ultimately, successful.

Compliance 101: Canada's Anti Spam Legislation and You - Canada's Anti-Spam legislation (Bill C-28) was passed in December 2010. This law is arguably much stronger than the American CAN-SPAM act because in order to send email messages you must have permission from the recipient. According to the act, permission can be either implied or express.

12 of the Most Commonly Misspelled (and Misused!) Words in Content Writing - Here are 12 of the most commonly misspelled and misused words in content writing. Why should you care? Spelling is a definite red flag for spam.

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