O2 at SimplyCast

O2 at SimplyCast

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O2 at SimplyCast

Riley wants to one day open up his own HVAC business and Connor knows that his future lies in business management. Both part of the Options and Opportunities (O2) program, they've found their first day at SimplyCast to be ‘interesting and ‘entertaining'. The O2 program is a school-based program that allows high school students the ability to gain hands-on work experience in a field before moving on to being work, their career path, or post-secondary education.

Riley is gearing up to attend NSCC in the fall before going onward to university. With Connor's eyes set on the business world, he applied and was accepted into Dalhousie's Bachelor of Business Administration program as he charts his future as a professional. Both Riley and Connor are very aware of the importance marketing your business correctly plays in building strong, successful relationships with potential clients and customers.

At SimplyCast, we're more than happy to have these two students join our team. The energy and passion students and young professionals bring to then work environment is highly treasured. SimplyCast strongly believes in investing in our province's young talent so they are able to gain valuable experience working on internal projects while learning how local businesses run. We offer positions to high school, co-op, and work placement students alike through out multiple departments.

Eager to test out SimplyCast's 360 platform, they were set up from day one and spent time becoming comfortable with the suite's many applications. "The software was really easy to get used to," noted Riley when asked about his experience. "It's very cool learning how many different campaigns you can set up." Both agreed their favourite feature so far with 360 – which gives users the ability to create campaigns across features from SMS, fax, and text to surveys and landing pages.

They had more to talk about than just SimplyCast's software however, both saying about how much they enjoyed the company's office culture. "There is also a great environment here," said Connor. "It was easy to get comfortable and meet everyone."

What surprised Riley the most about working at SimplyCast was the strategy it takes to make a successful digital campaign, finding new respect for the emails he receives every day from retailers. For Connor, it was rules around spam, CASL, and CAN-SPAM and the intricacies that each plays when planning a campaign. Despite SimplyCast's many features that keeps users away from CASL and CAN-SPAM violations, the point is still made to have a working knowledge of the legislation.

Finally – we asked what made SimplyCast stand out for them and why they chose to join us. "Because I really wanted to work with social media," Ryan said candidly. "I never realized how much it could be used for marketing." For Connor, it was all about growth, "I wanted to see what it is like to manage a business and grow a business, just like SimplyCast grew."

For anyone interested in applying to SimplyCast and to see our open positions, visit our careers page.

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