Offer More to Clients: Marketing Automation Advantage

Offer More to Clients: Marketing Automation Advantage

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Marketing Automation as a Competitive Edge

Marketing automation is a tool many businesses are beginning to take advantage of to streamline their marketing strategies. The right marketing automation platform allows a business to automate and make all their communications more efficient, saving them both time and money.

Marketing automation gives your business a leg up on the competition by ensuring that you are maintaining contact with your clients without having to designate a staff member to keep track of your customer interactions.

What to look for in a marketing automation platform

The first thing you must do when you are searching for the perfect marketing automation platform is to sit down and think about your business's needs.

How does your business typically communicate with your customers? By email? Phone? Fax? Are there other communication channels that your company could integrate into your marketing campaigns, which may provide you with a greater level of engagement, such as SMS or social media?

Deciding which communication channels you need in order to provide your customers with the greatest amount of choice is a critical step in choosing which platform will fulfill your needs. A platform which provides you with multiple integration options allowing you to pick and choose which ones you will and won't use will make the choice that much simpler.

Also, when determining which marketing automation platform is right for your business, do not forget to check whether or not it comes with its own API. Application Program Interfaces allow the platform to receive information from external sources and helps it to integrate the information into its own internal system for ease of use and consistency.

When you have chosen your platform

When you have found the marketing automation platform that suits your business's needs, you can now begin to merge your contact data into the system's CRM using any and all CRM integrations provided by your platform.

Now you can begin using all of your contact information and create marketing campaigns in which you can use this information to personalize emails and other communications so as to make your clients feel catered to and valued.

Mass emails and generalized newsletters sent out by large companies who don't use marketing automation platforms do not have the same effect as ones you can send that keep your client's preferences in mind by using a conditional formatting process to omit any irrelevant information from that particular email.

Automation advantages for resellers and clients

As a reseller of a marketing automation platform, you are able to not only add a new revenue stream for your business but also increase your brand loyalty by offering a quality product with a high use value for your clients. One stop shopping for your clients makes their lives easier and, at the same time, increases their reliance on you and your products, which will likely result in their becoming loyal, long-term customers.

With a white label program, a reseller can also rebrand the marketing automation platform with their own colors and logos so that customers don't even have to know that they didn't build it. This will save your business from expending a lot of time and money building your own platform, and playing catch up with those that are already established.


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