Opportunities for All Nova Scotian Students

Opportunities for All Nova Scotian Students

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Opportunities for All Nova Scotian Students

As a global company, SimplyCast has always believed that the best way to help a business grow is by engaging innovative professionals with unique and diverse perspectives. SimplyCast has also been a part of the ongoing conversation happening in every city about retaining youth as they grow, attend post-secondary institutes, and become the workforce of tomorrow.

That's why SimplyCast offers cooperative opportunities to both local and international students such as Alex Lin.

Originally from Xiamen, China, when Alex was looking at where to attend university, he came to Dalhousie University in Halifax to study towards his Bachelor of Computer Science. Seeking to further develop his professional skills, he took advantage of his program's cooperative education opportunity to enter the workforce and gain experience.

Despite his best efforts, Alex wasn't able to complete his first placement, but he persisted and was referred to SimplyCast by the co-op office.

Seeing Alex's potential as a developer, SimplyCast's Founder and CEO Saeed El-Darahali invited Alex to become a part of the team. Since that day, Alex has displayed immense talent having been asked back for all of his co-ops, growing with each placement.

"Working at SimplyCast, I've learned to code in multiple languages like Angular JS, PHP, and more," said Alex. "I've enjoyed the environment and teamwork at SimplyCast, and how easy it is to ask any of the senior developers for help in solving a problem."

Having proven himself time and time again, Alex is SimplyCast's go-to developer for squashing bugs and is currently in charge of managing the bug team.

"Every student, both local and international, should have a chance to develop professional skills in the workplace," said Saeed. "In Nova Scotia, I believe we need to keep our focus on retaining both local and international students as each bring their own perspectives and talents to both the workforce and the province."

Interested in becoming a member of a diverse and growing company?

Visit our career page to learn more about SimplyCast's current openings.

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