Optimize Your Emails For Mobile Marketing

Optimize Your Emails For Mobile Marketing

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Optimize Your Emails For Mobile Marketing

An overwhelming number of consumers are now viewing emails primarily on their mobile devices. People frequently open emails on their mobile phones, but not all emails are designed with mobile viewing in mind. We are going to go over some tips to help make your emails more mobile-friendly.

The framework of your email is the first thing to consider: get a great mobile template. There are templates available online through marketing companies. The SimplyCast email application, for example, has a feature that allows you to click a box to automatically make your chosen template mobile-friendly. And no one likes to side-scroll so make sure your email is not too wide to be easily viewed.

The next obvious point is that you have less space on a phone screen. Anything too small, or spaced too closely, will not work well. Have a large enough font (try anywhere from size 12 to 20) so that readers can easily see your message. Links, buttons and anything that has to be "clicked" should be spaced far enough apart from one another so that there is no chance of accidentally clicking the wrong one when you tap the small screen.

The visual field is much smaller than an average computer screen, and some readers will not scroll to the bottom of the email, so have your CTA and any important points close to the top so readers do not have to search around. If you have to have a longer email, you can always include clickable options that direct the reader to other parts of the email. It goes without saying that your opt-out button or link should be in a prominent location as well.

As for images, you will want to keep them to a minimum as some mobile devices do not display images or may load slowly. On the other hand, certain mobile devices display images by default, so it doesn't hurt to use a few important, well-places images. Just make sure your message still looks good without the images, in case they are not displayed.

Some of the best practices of regular email marketing can also be applied to mobile email marketing. Try to make your subject lines as concise, direct and strong as possible, and especially with mobile emails you should keep your paragraphs short so you don't have giant blocks of text. Less is visible at a time on phone screens, and it takes more time to scroll through, so make your space count.

Before sending your email to your list of opt-in subscribers, test it! Send it to your own mobile device. Try the functionality of the email, review the design and see what works and what doesn't. Optimizing your emails for mobile viewing is a great way to show customers you are aware of the way they want to receive messages, and that you are adapting to their changing needs.

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