Optimize Your Images for Email Marketing

Optimize Your Images for Email Marketing

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Optimize Your Images for Email Marketing

When creating an email campaign, we want it to look as fancy as it can be. We want it to be eye-catching and engaging for our readers. We have given you a lot of advice on how to create email campaigns, but let's talk a little bit about best practice for content.

Sending a text-only email is not always a bad thing. Sometimes that is all your readers want to get. Also, it can help when it comes to deliverability, but it's not the only thing that helps you to avoid spam filters.

An HTML email is just as effective when it comes to avoiding spam filters. The important thing when creating an HTML email is to ensure that you keep a good ratio of text to images. We suggest a ratio of 70:30.


When you venture over into HTML emails, you may be tempted to use the coolest images to make your readers go WOW!! Try placing the images in such a way that engages the client and directs their eyes to the content. The content is the main thing. Make them learn about your product and come to appreciate your brand.

Image Size

Image size is a huge thing as well. Now, when I say image size, I do not mean the width and height of the image. I mean the size is the difference between web and email ready. Loading an image that is the highest possible quality taken by the fancy camera your boss just bought or the cool smartphone you like snapping images on is simple when it comes to web browsers, but when a client has to view that email on a web or desktop email interface, it can cause the image to not load.

Not to mention if the image file is too large it can cause your readers' spam filters to go off with crazy flashing lights, screaming danger! danger! Remember, spam filters are robots. They simply read the data and then decide what to do depending on the protocol. Also, if the image makes it into the reader's inbox, the server may store it virtually and not actually present it to the user even if it is requested with a "Display Images" command from your email viewer.

Sometimes you do not have control over the images that you receive from your designers, printers or marketing managers. They obviously have fancy software that helps them to create these images. I'm going to show you how to use paint.NET to reduce your file dimensions and size.

If you do not have access to photoshop, which many people do not make use of free editing software like paint.NET. 

1. Open Paint  
2. Open your high-res image  
3. Click Resize3.1 Ensure that the "By absolute size is selected"

3.2 A good width for email is 600px, but it depends on your needs. I chose 600px

3.3 Change the resolution to 72

3.4 Click okay

4.Save your document  

When your document is all done, upload the image created in your document and watch your emails zoom smoothly into your readers' inboxes.

To learn more about other Email Marketing Best Practices, visit /blog/free-guide-email-marketers-guide-galaxy//#.UVNuDBykrfI

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