Our New Facebook Page and Why the Switch

Our New Facebook Page and Why the Switch

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Our New Facebook Page

By now everyone who uses the Internet knows about the big changes when it comes to Facebook pages. The very popular/unpopular Timeline has been in use for a few months now but it just recently came to business profiles. So on March 30th, all business pages, ready or not, will be switching.

We have been looking to make the switch on many fronts for some time now and this new Timeline launch was the perfect opportunity to do it.

The Name Change 

First, SimplyCast started out on Facebook a few years ago when we were just an email marketing company. Since we have exploded into a multi-channel marketing solution and therefore had to lose the one service only branding.

Facebook made that a bit of a challenge as we were already too far into our page (with likes and such) to make the change to a new name. We debated back and forth, played rock, paper, scissors a few times and finally made the call to start from scratch with a new name and a new page.

So now we are known as "SimplyCast" and it sure has a great ring to it.

Timeline Ready

Second, we had to set up the page with the new Timeline theme. As you can see (image above), the new image on the page nicely displays all of our online marketing tools.

We have gone through and added our proudest of milestones and are in the process of adding a lot more to the page.

All of the new features and options are going to make it a lot more fun interacting with you and providing the best there is in online marketing news, tips and SimplyCast feature updates.

Make the Switch

Everyone who has liked us in the past, we thank you. Now we ask you to make the switch and like us once again.

It is very easy to do, just go to our new Facebook page and click that little thumbs up button. There, you are done, everything back to normal.

The old SimplyCast page will be taken offline at the end of April, so we do hope you follow us to the new home.

We have also added a special coupon to the new page just to say thanks. See you there really soon.

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