Non-Profit Local Marketing Solution? SimplyCast is Here!

Non-Profit Local Marketing Solution? SimplyCast is Here!

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Non-Profit Local Marketing Solution

Reach, connect and communicate through the non-profit local marketing solution proudly offered by SimplyCast.

Perfect for non-profit and charitable organizations, this exciting and free opportunity is a simple way to stay connected. For certified non-profit and charitable organizations, SimplyCast offers free and full access to all of their interactive marketing tools. This easy, reliable and effective non-profit local marketing solution also comes with real-time reporting and great customer service representatives (if there is ever a problem).

Tailored to meet your organization's specific needs, SimplyCast's all-in-one marketing solution will transform your connectivity to friends, supporters and the community you serve. Once approved, each non-profit organization will receive 20,000 email credits. These credits equal 20,000 different ways to reach out to friends and supporters. That means 20,000 emails, surveys, event announcements, autoresponders Tweets and tracking links.

Spread updates, advocacy messages, volunteer updates and event information through SimplyCast's streamlined marketing software.

Organizational Updates

Keep your organization's friends and supporters updated with the latest news. Local information goes global with a single click.


Connect directly with current donors and reach out to new friends. Perfect for both small drives, moderate asks and capital campaigns, SimplyCast's multi-channel marketing system can keep your donors up-to-date on your fundraising progress.

Advocacy and Outreach

The fastest, most efficient way to keep your community of supporters updated. Engage new friends with your organization's mission while spreading the word of your worthy cause or stir up immediate support.

Share Inspirational Stories

Regardless of your organization's mission, whether it is human rights, animal welfare, disaster relief, community organizing or the arts, sharing how your organization changes lives is extremely powerful. Through an intimate look at how your organization operates, supporters can see how their donations spark necessary change. Sharing touching stories is a surefire way to raise greater awareness for your organization, reach new friends and get your message out to a larger audience.

Volunteer Opportunities

Connect directly with current and potential volunteers, sharing valuable opportunities to help serve your mission. A great recruiting tool, SimplyCast's simple marketing platform is an easy way to also highlight your all-star volunteers and their selfless support.

Try Our Non-Profit Local Marketing Solution Today!

Whatever your non-profit or charitable organization's needs are, SimplyCast is the perfect (and free!) solution to help you grow.

For more information on this non-profit local marketing solution or any other innovative marketing system solutions, contact our sales team!

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