Part 2: What are the Uses of Email Marketing

Part 2: What are the Uses of Email Marketing

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Far more than these five top insider tips, the uses of email marketing are limitless and constantly evolving. However, once you clearly understand its most basic functions, you'll be able to exploit its incredible value for your business.

From the first blog in this series – The Limitations of Email Marketing – you've probably been a little disheartened.

Fear not, dear email marketers!

We're just scratching the surface of the abundances and revelations email marketing has for your unique business.

So, hold on tight, and delve into the amazing uses (and benefits!) of incorporating email into your marketing strategy.

  1. Sales

    Or, also known as advertising, promotions and the act of marketing.

    But, before we dive into this awesome use of email marketing, let's clear up a huge, lingering misconception: the vast and varying difference between marketing, and advertising and promotions. Marketing is a strategy; advertising is the implementation of marketing through sales and promotions. These two terms – marketing and advertising – are often mistakenly interchanged, but, truly, have entirely different meanings.

    So, now that we've cleared that up, let's move onto why using email marketing is an amazing force for sales of your products or services.

    In this technological day, this is the most direct form of advertising: you're connecting directly with customers that have signed up for your notifications. So, pitch them, and watch your sales flourish.

  2. News

    Whether its company (internal) or industry (external) news, by using emails you're keeping your customers up-to-date on the comings and goings.

    With the simple act of keeping your customers updated on your business – product launches, company accolades, and press coverage – you're not only legitimizing what you're doing in the eyes of your customers but also staking a claim as an industry leader.

    Also, by sharing news about your partners and affiliates, you're driving business to your allies but also gathering accolades for being selfless.

    Another aspect of using news as a means to connect to your customers is to share with them your company's success stories: whether it is highlighting a 20-year veteran or your entire staffs' support of a charity, you're drumming up goodwill, which always drives sales.

  3. Subscriber Account Updates

    As dull and drab as this may sound, this is an integral part of your email strategy.

    First, always confirm, and then confirm again, your customers' choices regarding their email preferences. This includes frequency, content and even the formatting of the email.

    Second, as your email marketing expands, let your customers know the additional options, emails, and promotions that are now available to them, including connections through social media.

    Third, always inform your customers about any renewals regarding their subscription. But, as a best practice, include an incentive for renewal, say a coupon or a discount specifically targeted at their personal tastes.

  4. Surveys

    Again, only as the savviest call this "market research."

    Emails are an ideal and perfect platform to gather necessary information about your customers, their preferences and what they think about your company, products and services.

    Typically, surveys are linked within the email but ensure that your push to get your customers to fill out these forms is strong and relevant. Never dilute your intentions for information gathering within an email about sales or news. Keep it straightforward. Some email software programs actually allow you to embed surveys within your emails.

  5. Pokes

    This seemingly silly use of valuable email marketing time is actually quite handy. These emails are nothing more than simple thank you's for being subscribers to quick, informal updates about what's going on with your business.

    This moniker, the "Poke," is derived from social media, meaning a friendly, cute gesture meant to envoke an affable connection between two people. A poke, in this context, is nothing more than a quick and simple communication to your customers, reminding them that you're actually a human-driven business rather than something automated.

    Try sending just a silly YouTube video that your staff made. Or, send a link to your business' charity work. If anything, this is the most human connection email marketing offers. Take advantage of it, and make it your own.

If you missed it, check out our previous blog post in this series, Part 1.

Watch for more tips on email marketing, Twitter, autoresponders and other online strategies in future blogs.

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