Using Personal Trainer Scheduling Software and Automation

Using Personal Trainer Scheduling Software and Automation

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Personal Trainer Scheduling Software

Personal trainer scheduling software is often key to marketing and growing fitness businesses, but its true power is often overlooked - that's where automation comes in. The scheduling portion of a personal trainer's arsenal may as well have been built for marketing automation. Personal trainer scheduling software can evolve with the addition of a marketing automation platform in ways that will make it possibly the most valuable tool in your arsenal.

In order to back that claim up, we have to examine where personal trainers stand to lose the most money. What's the most unreliable part of your income? The quickest answer that comes to our mind is the customers. That's not to say anything bad about them, but people forget appointments, or they go elsewhere. Losing clients and missing appointments is rough on a personal trainer's bottom line. How can you take steps to prevent that and increase revenue? Let's look at some of the ways you can augment your personal training scheduling software with marketing automation and our advanced API integrations.

  • Organized and automated reminders for clients who have appointments on a given week or day
  • Follow-up messages over the course of the week, giving clients a task for the day
  • Automated newsletters that require editing only once every three weeks
  • Email and SMS contests and offers
  • Real-world event planning that you can tie into your calendar to alert people of when the event is beginning
  • Custom landing pages leading new clients to sign up for alerts when you have an opening

Personal Trainer Scheduling Software with Automation 

These are just a few examples, but with our API integration, you can send contact names through to be sent to and keep on top of your scheduling, offering reminders and tips, as well as a newsletter, contests and more. You can become a contender for large client groups as a small business, or be the best of the best as a larger one. Our solution scales to your needs. Check out more of our features and what we can do on our marketing automation page. Let SimplyCast turn your calendar into something incredible.

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