Personal Trainer Software: Answer to the Awareness Issue

Personal Trainer Software: Answer to the Awareness Issue

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Personal Trainer Software

When you think of personal trainer software, you often think about a software that helps to keep clients working out with examples, videos and plans, or something that helps to schedule appointments. But how does a personal trainer actually get those clients without marketing? That's where marketing automation comes in. As a personal trainer software, it allows the trainer to market themselves, offer reminders and follow up through multiple channels, while building a customer profile for everyone who expresses interest. How can it do all that? How does that help you generate awareness? We're glad you asked. Here are three answers to the question of how to gain visibility with new marketing platforms.

1. Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

One thing that's important is that you know what the big market in your area is. You also have to know what your customers like and don't like about your location or service. Keeping your finger on the digital information pulse and knowing what people think of you and your training is important. As a trainer you're not just selling the ideal of fitness; you're also selling yourself. You want people to believe in you and feel comfortable and friendly with you. The best way to do that is to keep a constant level of engagement that makes them want to be open and honest with you. Surveys, newsletters and follow-up emails, as well as contests and fitness tips, are surefire ways to keep people engaged. Email, SMS, social media... no matter the channel, our automation platform can make these sorts of messages easy and quick, and allow you to automate messages to your clients. They don't have to be general either, as you can target messages to different lists based on specific tags in our Contact Manager. This will allow you to be constantly interacting with your clients, something that will make them feel valued enough to talk about your business in everyday conversation.

2. Maintain a Loyalty Program that Offers Special Events and Deals

By offering a loyalty program focused specifically on motivating referrals and rewards for milestones in terms of membership time you can show your customers that you appreciate their time and effort. This is something that the average personal trainer software can't do. By setting up a series of email campaigns and SMS campaigns, you can have a good portion of your loyalty program automated. Set it up to alert you when someone reaches a new milestone in the program, so that you can go into that session able to congratulate them and make them realize how important their progress is to you. These are easily set up, and the contact manager and web tracker can provide you with the information as to who will be receptive to that program, as well as allow you to sort and personally target people based on where they are in the program.

3. Open Your Tips and Tricks List and Your Newsletter to Everyone

One of the key things to remember as a trainer is that people who get to know you are much more likely to actually become clients. Because of this, you want to be sure that you make the whole gym aware of your services, or the whole neighborhood if you operate privately. Offer to sign them up to your mailing list. This allows you to communicate with them regularly, and it also gives them someone they can come to with questions. Eventually those questions may turn to requests for help and eventually lessons.

These are just a tiny fraction of the possibilities with a powerful marketing automation platform that has personal trainer software. You have limitless communication options that you can use to improve your business and improve the experience your clients and prospects have with you. Automating these means you have to spend less time out of your gym and that's important. Let us help you grow your client base, earn money and save time. Check out our marketing automation page for details on our platform, as well as to sign up for a demo, where you'll be able to explore other resources we offer your industry.

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