Personalizing Your Texts with our SMS Marketing App

Personalizing Your Texts with our SMS Marketing App

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SMS Marketing App

The SMS marketing app is a great way to reach clients that would prefer to receive texts instead of email or other forms of communication. In today's world, most people couldn't live without their smartphones, and texting is something most people do on a daily basis.

If your business isn't offering this communication option you probably should be, because it's a quick and convenient method to reach your customers! With our platform, it's easy to give your customers the choice to receive messages the way they want to.

Here is a list of the most common question we receive about texting (SMS messaging):

Can I personalize my text messages?

Definitely – you can perform what we call a "merge" that inserts the content of a field (also called a Merge Tag) in your list into the message. For example, your list might contain the first and last name of the person, along with their phone number. If you wanted to mention the first name of the person, you would select the field in your list that contains their first name from the Merge Tag dropdown list.

How do I personalize the texts that I want to send to my customers?

This is done through the SMS message editor – which allows you to type in the content for your text. To add a merge tag, put your cursor at the exact spot where you want to insert the field and select the field you want to merge. Once the field is selected, use the "Add Merge Tag" button. Once you do this, you'll see a field inserted into your message that may look like this (depending on the name of the field): %%Name%%. That's a placeholder that is replaced by the name of the person in the content when the text is sent to them.

Should I leave space before and after the merge tag?

Yes – because if you don't leave space the name of the person will be combined with other words in the message. Here is an example of the right and wrong ways to do this:

The Right Way:

Dear %%First Name%%,

This would turn into: Dear John,

The Wrong Way:

Dear%%First Name%%,

This would turn into DearJohn,

This makes it important to pay close attention to any spaces you include. Your first name field might be named differently, so use that example as a general guide.

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