Pharma Marketing Methods That Will Change Your Business

Pharma Marketing Methods That Will Change Your Business

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Pharma Marketing Methods

Pharma marketing methods are almost always restricted to traditional marketing strategies. These are tried and true, but also under fire from a number of sides. The trend in all markets is shifting toward mobile and digital. Using a tried and true marketing strategy is one thing, but getting left behind by prospective customers is something entirely different. Don't necessarily abandon the old methods, but have a look at what you can do digitally too. Here are five pharma marketing methods that you can use to digitize your marketing and keep your revenue safe, as well as generate more clients as time goes on.

1. Start Building Your Website with the Intent of Opening Dialogue

Your website is most likely not constructed to stimulate dialogue between you and your prospects, and it certainly isn't optimized to be seen by your target audience. You must implement search engine optimization (SEO) to your pharma marketing methods in order to appear closer to the first page of most search engines. In addition, keeping a blog that comments on current events in the medical community, as well as detailing challenges, helps engage customers and get them more interested in what you do. This is the very beginning, though, because you want to have an automated communication process for new clients, as well as the ability to see what they're doing on your website and how prospects are finding you.

2. Start with an Email Newsletter

Email marketing is one of the biggest pharma marketing methods out there. An email newsletter is the quickest and most effective way to keep your mailing list up to date on new products and services, deals, the locations of events you will be attending during the month, links to your blog and site and so on. Email also allows you to offer promotional material and personal statements. Newsletters are some of the best pharma email marketing methods out there as they will serve to inform and engage your customers. Additionally, this is a good place to promote successful customers, celebrate their successes and open discussion about up and coming technologies and treatments to gauge interest before they become available on the market.

3. Find Ways to Record Prospect and Customer Data

Our platform offers the ability to track activity on your web page, where that activity came from and record specific details on the customer profile generated inside of our Contact Manager which is key to any pharma marketing methods. The Contact Manager stores information from forms as well, meaning that every interaction can be set to automatically update lead or customer information. On top of that, you have the ability to add custom notes as well as manually and automatically adjust the score assigned to leads. This way, your staff members always know which leads are hottest and which pharma marketing methods attracted them to your page. By collecting and recording as much information as possible, you gather a concise picture of what each prospect wants and needs, and how they prefer to receive your messages. You'll know what they want and how to engage them, and you'll be able to generate a simple process for your staff to close sales.

4. Explore Downloadable And Interactive Media

Interactive media, especially video, is on the rise, and customers look for it over material that they have to read or research more and more often. Instead of just telling your customers about a breakthrough in pharma research, show them. Have a video made that explains the basics, and link back to your blog post for those who want to learn more. This will improve your pharma marketing methods, reach people who prefer a different medium, and also generate interconnectedness between marketing mediums that leads to prospects spending more time on your site. Then you can have more informed discussions with your leads, and they feel safer with you than your competitors. White papers that explain what you do or how a specific drug can be used are also good, as they allow for that same education cycle to take place with prospects that prefer the text medium that they can pick up and put down as needed. Finally, add a podcast copy of your blog to the web page, so that people can listen to your blog if they wish, keeping up to date with pharma business and spreading pharma marketing that much easier.

5. Use Reporting to See Which Pharma Marketing Methods Work

You've collected data, constructed and sent messages over several channels, so how do you know which ones work better for initial contact or follow-up amongst your pharma marketing methods? With our reporting, you can look at how many emails were opened, links clicked and similar stats for every channel. This allows you to see how each message was received, which you can then extrapolate on. You want to use the most effective channels. From there, you can gauge where in the buying process you want to place each channel. Voice is your top rated, followed by email and fax. Fax is the weakest of the three, but still quite strong, so you send the fax first. Then you follow up with a voice call setting up a seminar or phone meeting, and finally you send a final email, encouraging a sale. Your process was made possible by knowing how your messages are interacted with, all part of the SimplyCast 360 platform.

Use These Pharma Marketing Methods to Grow Today

These are just the beginning steps, and there are many more ways you can use the platform. For a full list of features check out our marketing automation page, or contact our sales team for additional information.

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