Political Campaign Advertising Online: Doing it Right

Political Campaign Advertising Online: Doing it Right

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Political Campaign Advertising Online

Politics is a tricky game. It is even more complicated by the fact that reaching voters is now being done through various internet techniques. Do you know how to effectively reach voters using the internet? If you are relying heavily on more traditional political campaign advertising, you are missing out on the opportunity to connect with a much wider audience of voters. Check out these simple yet unique ways you can reach out using internet strategies.

1. Record simple videos. Videos are very engaging and they give people a chance to see a more personal side of you. Create short video interviews, show your interactions with community members and local students and provide videos of your political events, like an exciting rally. Videos are useful for many different purposes.

Videos can be automatically promoted on your social media pages then you can view reports to see how many people commented, shared, retweeted and liked your video content.

2. Take to social media. Social media is another great way to reach and engage a lot of people. It's best to share a wide variety of content to keep visitors interested. Videos, quotations, photos, links to other political content, event notifications, campaign updates and more are all shared on social media. Social media is also a great way to interact with your supporters by responding to comments.

Easily automate your social media posting and tweeting to save time. Your staff creates messages ahead of time and they are automatically posted when you want. This makes social media management much more efficient.

3. Use personalized email campaigns to gain donations. Email has been used successfully for political campaigns for years now. However, many political emails tend to be very bland and designed for the masses. The new email approach is much more personalized. Personally targeted emails are more likely to be opened and read, and people are more likely to donate.

How do you create personalized emails for each of your supporters? With an automated solution, this process is simple and efficient. Personal details are pulled from each supporters' stored profile. As each supporter interacts with your messages, that data is recorded in detail for future personalization. Did they open? Did they click through? Did they donate? What messages are sent next depends on how the supporter responded.

Try Automated Political Campaign Advertising for Free

Sign up for a 14 day free trial of our automated political solution. It includes over 15 channels of communication through which you connect with your supporters and new voters. It automates many processes that are normally done manually, saving your campaign staff hours of work each day. Automation helps you personalize your communications and reach out to many more supporters and voters.

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