Political Campaign Marketing: How to Present Yourself Online

Political Campaign Marketing: How to Present Yourself Online

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Political Campaign Marketing

Digital technology is influencing everything. Not the least of which is how we select our political representatives. This pattern has been around for years and showed itself most prominently in the 2012 election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. During that time, both candidates did considerable marketing online and off, taking advantage of such tools as email, phone, mobile and social media. This change to the political landscape is here to stay, so it's important that parties and members learn to use software to assist them. Marketing automation saves time and increases your ability to connect with voters and supporters.

Here are just a few ways that our software, SimplyCast 360, can be used to generate, track, and contact potential voters, volunteers and more. These are only a few examples of many.

1. Keeping all the relevant political constituency information together can be a pain, but with our Contact Manager, keep all your voter information stored in one place. In addition, through the use of tags and scores, send out specific marketing messages to specific groups. Look at how contacts have interacted with your campaign website and political messages, and assign notes to specific individuals for your team to read based on interactions. These are just a few things you can do within this product alone. Our Contact Manager is free for anyone who signed up for the trial, so make sure to check it out. It's designed to be usable as a manual product on its own, but ultimately best results are achieved by integrating it with the rest of our products.

2. By using those tags, scores and other constituent interaction data you can send campaign messages over multiple channels to specific political audiences. This increases the probability that the right marketing information will reach the people that care about it. This cuts down on spam marketing, makes people feel that you are paying attention to their concerns individually and shows that you value their time. You can also send out contests, calls for volunteers and send notices to specific areas as you approach them while on the campaign trail. By being able to connect over multiple channels, you are able to contact people via the methods they prefer, give them the information they want and take the time to get it right. Having multiple channels also means that you're able to automate emails, social media posts and even SMS messages among your staff and constituents.

3. Track political constituents' interactions and learn what marketing works and what doesn't using SimplyCast Sonar. Sonar is designed to track where your voters are coming from and what they do on your site. It gives you the ability to learn about individual preferences, interests and more. When people vote for you, it's not just a casting of the ballot, they put their future in your hands, and you are expected to uphold that. Knowing what they want is important. You'll be able to see what about your site draws people, and what they don't care about, as well as who came to your site from which campaign send.

All these tools together combine to make a powerful tool for building your political campaign marketing. This post has only just barely begun to explore what SimplyCast 360 is capable of. We urge you to give it a commitment-free trial by signing up and trying us out, and have a look at our full feature list and pricing on our marketing automation page. If you want to see more ways that we could help you develop your political marketing, have a look at our government page, where we specifically offer unique marketing tips for governments and political groups to succeed.

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