Political Internet Marketing Ideas You Haven't Tried Yet

Political Internet Marketing Ideas You Haven't Tried Yet

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Political Internet Marketing Ideas

The internet is a powerful political tool. Traditional campaigning is still popular, yet in order to reach more voters and supporters, you need to have a strong online presence. Political internet marketing holds infinite potential for connecting with voters. Here are just a few of the ways to use the internet successfully for your political campaign. You can even easily automate many of these processes.

Social Media

Twitter and Facebook have a huge online audience. If you are active on social media, you can interact with voters and reach out to new supporters every day. You have to post frequently, however, in order to keep visitors engaged with your pages. The task of posting messages can be automated with a few clicks. Schedule messages to post automatically over time so your staff doesn't have to spend all their time on social media.

What type of content should you post to social media? Pictures and videos are very engaging and are likely to be shared. Contests like "meet the candidate" or "win a chance to interview the candidate" are also popular. While you're on the campaign trail, tweet and post updates from each city and town to keep followers updated and excited.


Video is one of the most engaging mediums for online content. When people watch videos, they spend much more time on your website and social media pages. This means  you have more time to connect with them. But you need to make your videos entertaining or people will drop off after less than a minute of watching.

Interviews are a great way to show how your campaign is addressing specific political issues. You need to make interviews less formal and more accessible to engage today's voters. Select your interviewer carefully. Offbeat interviewers such as local comedians or entertainers provide a relaxed atmosphere and show your personal and funny side. Having a student interview you shows that you're involved in the community and focused on young voters.

Targeted Landing Pages

If you're collecting donations or trying to get people to sign up to your political newsletter, a landing page is an effective tool. Keep your landing page simple and focus on a prominent call to action. Include simple headings and an informative video, and keep your content brief and direct.

With an all-in-one automated solution, landing pages are one tool among many. Easily create your landing pages using pre-made templates so your page is up and running within minutes. All data collected from visitors is recorded so you can analyze it. You can even see a heatmap of activity so you know where people are focusing most of their interest when they're looking at the landing page. This allows you to optimize your political internet marketing content based on real feedback.

Text Message Campaigns

Set up automated text message campaigns using shortcodes. This allows a supporter to easily text a short number in order to donate a small amount of money. Advertise the text message campaign on billboards, your website and social media pages, and so on. Text messages are easily automated using an all-in-one solution.

Try Political Internet Marketing for Free Today

Sign up for a 14-day free trial of SimplyCast 360 to see how you can use automated marketing and communication for your political internet marketing campaigns. Our support team is always here to help you, and you can even check out an interactive demo by clicking the button below.

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