Boost Clients: Practice Management Software Integration

Boost Clients: Practice Management Software Integration

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Practice Management Software Integration

Practice management software does a great deal for the standard medical practice. In fact, one could even say that practice management software in tandem with an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system are the center of any modern medical practice. The management software and the EMR handle the internal workings and scheduling of patients. Suppose that the whole bundle could be linked with software that would allow you to send out email reminders, newsletters, or even notifications of closures or reschedules. All that is possible with SimplyCast 360, a multi-channel marketing and communication platform, designed to increase customer communication without draining your time and resources.

SimplyCast 360 is equipped to send out communications of any kind in customizable formats over several channels, and allow you to time those communications, edit the messages, and even apply graphic elements to your messages. Messages can also be automated, and 360 comes with API integration as well. API will allow you to send lists of opted in clients various communications that will serve a wide array of purposes. For example, suppose that your clients signed up for a reminder system that would send them an email and an SMS message when their appointment was drawing near. The best part about our API is that you only need to push the relevant data through, so your confidentiality and sensitive patient data are protected. You don't need to ever let us see that data. There are a number of ways that marketing automation can help your practice, and here are just a few using our unique software:

  • Sending out invoices to insurance companies or update emails to let customers know when a payment has cleared.
  • Sending out your newsletter on a monthly basis, keeping customers up to date on your involvement with the community, contests you're holding and what's new for your office. Celebrating your employees, as well the successes of your patients will go a long way. (i.e.: A doctor mentions that they are up for an award in their field. You could ask to celebrate their accomplishments in your newsletter, if they are comfortable with that.)
  • Sending out email reminders for appointments, using an automated process that sends the day before an appointment scheduled in the management software.
  • Greet new patients, as well as check in with clients who have conditions that require constant maintenance to ensure that they are caring for themselves properly.
  • Send out birthday and holiday cards via email or send a voice campaign with a recorded message wishing them a happy birthday/holiday.
  • Forward a digital copy of the explanation of benefits, or EOB, to the patient so they can see the actions taken by their insurer.
  • Send invoices to patients when insurance doesn't cover the cost entirely.
  • Offer surveys after an appointment or service to consistently be improving the patient experience

These are just a few of the possible ways that practice management software could be used in conjunction with a marketing automation platform, and the list goes on. Any time there is a communication between a practice and a client, be that a patient, an insurance payor, or even volunteers who help out during events, the automation can be performed in a way that protects confidentiality, and offers a comprehensive solution to contacting patients and other contacts alike over the means of connection that is most effective.

With customers in over 175 countries and services rendered in 11 different languages, our software is useful for doctors the world over to improve communication in their practice, and will provide them with a tool they can use for any situation imaginable so that they can ensure their messages are received every time. They can even send out targeted reminders for specific groups of clients. So, for example, you can send out reminders about when a diabetic clinic is being held, or reminders to begin testing for prostate cancer. These messages can be sent only to the relevant patients with our software.

In addition, you can track your messages and the actions taken with them, so that you know how well your additional services are being received. This will allow you to change things up so that your messages are relevant and interesting, but still informative enough to ensure that your patients stay informed.

With a dedicated support staff and personal account managers, we make sure that you succeed. If you have any concerns, contact us and we'll jump right on it, making sure that you're able to function at peak capacity. Just remember that even though almost all our tools are designed to be code-free so that you can use them on your own, our API is designed for developers, so you may need to have someone set up that connection for you. We look forward to helping you help your community, and in the meantime check out our medical office page, and then head on over to our marketing automation page and see what we can do for you!

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