Precision Powerhouse: Specializing Auto Marketing Campaigns

Precision Powerhouse: Specializing Auto Marketing Campaigns

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Auto Marketing Campaigns

Auto marketing is potentially broad in scope, but with people being as widely varying as they are, and reacting to marketing differently, it can pay to have needle point precision on who will respond well to certain phrasings, and alter your ads for their grouping. Auto customers who receive an ad tailored to their vehicle preferences and personal needs are going to appreciate and pay more attention to your ads than people seeing another mass marketing message that they simply don't care about. You want to be sure that you are as much a powerhouse when you focus on small demographics as when you broadcast wide. How can you be a precision powerhouse? How can you target your auto marketing to specific customers and ensure that they receive the marketing message that is right for their needs?

  • Surveys – A couple of quick questions is a good place to start. This makes the customer feel that they can make a genuine difference in the messages they receive and their experience with you, regardless of the part of the automotive industry you're in.
  • Tracking Data – Who keeps track of your online sales for each product? What message has the highest open rates? Which links did these customers consistently click?
  • Social Media Fans – Who has had good experiences, and who hasn't? A quick look at your social media page will tell you what groups of people you need to work harder for.
  • Percent Split – A feature in 360, percent split allows you to send different portions of a list. This allows you to test new advertising against old to ensure that your auto marketing is current and appeals to the right groups of auto customers.

By employing these ideas and more, as well as having a specified division of customer groups, you can target more precisely in your marketing. Your auto marketing is precise enough that each group is getting a monthly ad that's tailored precisely to their needs. By narrowing some ads, as well as still producing mass marketing, you will reach niches that otherwise you might not. Check out our automotive industry page for other ideas to improve your auto marketing, and our marketing automation page for ideas on streamlining that marketing process.

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