Preparing Your Dedicated IP Address For Prime Time Part 3

Preparing Your Dedicated IP Address For Prime Time Part 3

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Our compliance and deliverability team is pretty busy dealing with the dark side of the Internet, but from time-to-time, they do find time to share their thoughts. These are their stories.

Last week our compliance experts shared Part 2 of Preparing your dedicated IP address for prime time.

This week is the dramatic conclusion to the series. Okay, maybe dramatic is a little "dramatic", but it will help you build your sending reputation and that is no joke.

So let's jump right back in. If you do need to catch up before proceeding, please look back and Part 1 and Part 2.

New IP Volume Management

As mentioned previously, having a sudden volume spike from your IP address can create delivery issues. When you purchase a dedicated IP address to send from, it will start out in a good, but low volume state.

If you want to send more than 10,000 messages at once right off the bat, we suggest splitting your campaign into groups in order to spread the deployment across several days.

You will also want to try and create a consistent mail behavior going forward, such as sending on the same day of the week after the initial ramp up.

Let's say you want to send an email to 100,000 users this month. Use the following schedule to ramp up your send volume over one or two weeks to achieve the best results.

If you are using the aggressive approach listed below, with a total volume of over 100,000 emails, split your campaign into three or four batches per day, sending four to six hours apart.

1 Week (Aggressive Send of 100,000 emails)

Day 1: Send 5% = 5,000 emails

Day 2: Send 5% = 5,000 emails

Day 3: Send 10% = 10,000 emails

Day 4: Send 10% = 10,000 emails

Day 5: Send 20% = 20,000 emails

Day 6: Send 20% = 20,000 emails

Day 7: Send 30% = 30,000 emails

2 Weeks (Conservative Send of 100,000 emails)

Day 1: Send 1% = 1,000 emails

Day 2: Send 2% = 2,000 emails

Day 3: Send 3% = 3,000 emails

Day 4: Send 4% = 4,000 emails

Day 5: Send 5% = 5,000 emails

Day 6: Send 6% = 6,000 emails

Day 7: Send 7% = 7,000 emails

Day 8: Send 8% = 8,000 emails

Day 9: Send 9% = 9,000 emails

Day 10: Send 9% = 9,000 emails

Day 11: Send 10% = 10,000 emails

Day 12: Send 11% = 11,000 emails

Day 13: Send 12% = 12.000 emails

Day 14: Send 13% = 13,000 emails

Ultimately the goal is to build your volume to a consistent level that lets you eventually send your whole blast in one to three days.

For the second send to your group, you can split it into even segments spread across five or so days.

Monitor the results at each stage and be prepared to split your campaigns over a few days for the first two to three months.

If possible, send to your engaged subscribers first, meaning those who have opened, clicked or just been added to the list in the past 90 days.

The percentages listed above work for mail volume of up to one million emails, but the more you are sending the more attention will need to be paid to the campaign results.

That concludes the three-part series on Preparing Your Dedicated IP For Prime Time.

To refresh, here are all three posts.

Part 1 - IP Reputation Overview

Part 2 - Building a Great Reputation

Part 3 - New IP Volume Management

For more tips and answers when it comes to compliance and deliverability, take a look at our FAQ.

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