Property Maintenance Software: The Resident Experience

Property Maintenance Software: The Resident Experience

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Property Maintenance Software

When your residents need work done, they can get impatient and frustrated. In order to have a truly effective property maintenance software, the customer needs to be kept informed and knowledgeable. This is particularly true when the actual layout of the apartment changes or the premises needs to be left empty. SimplyCast provides an excellent supplement to traditional maintenance softwares and allows you to not just keep tenants informed but also engage them and give them the feeling that they make a difference in the building. Show them that you value them, and keep them informed on events being held, work being done and new tenants coming in.

How can SimplyCast supplement my property maintenance software?

SimplyCast allows you to message your tenants over multiple channels to keep them apprised of work progress, new tenants and monthly plans. You can arrange a monthly newsletter, push out email notifications about work being done and offer text message updates as the work progresses. You can also offer an automatic SMS or voice message when power, internet or other services are interrupted and let them know that you'll contact them with an estimated restoration time when you have one. You can survey them to gather information on satisfaction with services rendered and notify them when you're having an event. You can also plan VIP events for your tenants using our event builder. More than that, you have a way to supply your tenants with constant interaction and to make them feel valued at all times. A valued tenant is much more likely to stay.

For this reason, SimplyCast is an ideal supplement. Currently, it cannot schedule the work orders themselves, but it remains an invaluable tenant experience tool regardless, helping to keep your tenants apprised and satisfied that as the property manager you're doing all you can to make the maintenance process smooth and comfortable. It also gives you the chance to explain what needs to be done or why something is being done which could ease tensions if a tenant takes a specific action personally. For more information on property maintenance and management, have a look at our property management page. To learn how to automate messages like the ones above, look into marketing automation.

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