Voice Broadcasting Alternatives for Protus Fax and My1Voice

Voice Broadcasting Alternatives for Protus Fax and My1Voice

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Protus Fax or My1Voice Alternatives

Looking for Protus fax competitors that offer great voice broadcast services and competitive prices? SimplyCast provides affordable voice broadcasting, marketing and communication for small and large businesses alike.

Most people are familiar with voice message marketing through telemarketing campaigns or phony contest campaigns ("You've won a cruise vacation around the world! Press 9 to speak with a travel agent now!"). Legitimate voice broadcasting, however, is a highly effective tool when used properly. Voice marketing can be a great communication tool when you want to reach a lot of people quickly. Even if people do not have internet access at the time when you are trying to contact them, they can still receive a voice message with important information.

How Can Voice Broadcasting be Used?

Voice broadcasting is a quick and effective way of reaching people with your message. Voice broadcasting is often used to alert employees of office closures due to weather or other issues, to let students know of school cancellations, and to update guests about upcoming event information. Voice messages are also a great way for businesses to send appointment reminders to reduce no-shows or customers who show up late because they forgot about the time.

Many employers and administrators choose voice communication because it is more immediate than email. People may not check their email frequently, but most people will answer their phone when it rings or will check their voicemail messages if they see they have missed a call. This immediacy makes voice broadcasting a great way to effectively reach your contacts so they have all the information they need right away.

Many administrators also use email in addition to voice broadcasting, to help spread their message efficiently and make sure all their contacts receive the information. Some competitors, like SimplyCast, offer voice broadcasting and other communication tools, such as email and text messaging, in a single solution to make your job easier.

SimplyCast 360: An All-In-One Communication Solution

One of the key aspects that make SimplyCast stand out from Protus Fax and My1Voice is our automation. When you want to contact dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people as quickly as possible, you need a simple and powerful solution. The SimplyCast 360 customer flow communication platform allows you to create messages for voicemail, email, text messaging, fax and social media with a few clicks. The all-in-one solution has an easy to use interface to make message creation easy for you. For the voice messages, you can upload your own pre-recorded message or use the text-to-speech feature to create a personalized voice message with no recording technology necessary. Sign up for a free SimplyCast account.

SimplyCast's voice broadcasting solution allows you to choose from a variety of accents, upload a sound file in different audio formats, send a test call, provide a one-button unsubscribe option, and leave a voicemail message if your customer does not answer. You get a cost estimate of your voice campaign before you send, and you are only billed for successful sends so you don't waste money sending to inactive phone numbers.

SimplyCast also offers free contact management so you can store all your contacts' phone numbers and important data in the same account that you use to send your messages, making it easily accessible and quick to set up.

What Should I Look for in a Voice Broadcast Competitor?

If you are looking for alternatives to Protus fax, my1voice or any other voice broadcasting solution, you will need to focus on features that are important for voice broadcasting success, such as: ease of use, ability to send many messages in a short period of time, capability to cancel pending voice message campaigns if they are no longer necessary, ability to update information quickly and easily and so on.

Due to the strict legal regulations surrounding voice broadcasting, it is also essential to select a voice broadcasting service with an excellent reputation and comprehensive policies. If a voice competitor's terms of use are lax or their service is less than reputable, your voice messages may get reported or blocked and you will not be able to complete successful sends.

Many voice broadcasting competitors such as Protus Fax and My1Voice offer great voice message services but often you need more than just voice. It can be a hassle to deal with several different providers for your communication needs. If you can find a provider that offers multiple services like voice broadcasting, text message communication and email marketing, such as SimplyCast, you can create campaigns much more easily.

With a single solution, you can store all your data and contact lists in one place so it is easy to create campaigns as well as reuse old campaigns with updated information.

What Do I Need to Know Before I Send a Voice Broadcast?

Before you send a voice broadcast, you need to ensure that you have permission to send messages to each of your contacts. You are not allowed to send voice messages to anyone who has not opted in to receive them. You must also include an easy way to opt out in each voice message you send, in case the subscriber does not wish to receive any more messages. Most voice broadcast services allow subscribers to simply press a certain number in order to opt out. Different countries and areas have varying rules and regulations surrounding voice broadcasting, so be sure to review the laws of the countries to which you are sending.

Test your voice message before you send. Testing your message is the easiest way to spot potential issues or errors. Many voice services allow you to send a test call to yourself for no charge, so you can hear how it will sound and review your message for errors or updates.

It is important to keep contact information up to date, as phone numbers can change frequently. You can update your data by calling each of your subscribers and asking them to press a number if their information is correct or a different number if they would like to make any changes.

As long as you have a great voice broadcasting service, you can use voice messages very effectively to reach a large number of contacts at once.

Try Your Protus Fax and My1Voice Alternative Today

Sign up for a free SimplyCast account to start sending voice messages today and put your Protus Fax and My1Voice alternative into action.

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