Automated Citizen Services Updates Can Boost Satisfaction

Automated Citizen Services Updates Can Boost Satisfaction

Automated Citizen Services Updates

Keeping your citizens informed and satisfied is a huge part of getting re-elected. What is the best way to update citizens on what's going on in their community and let them know about citizen services? An all-in-one automated communication solution is an ideal tool for reaching out to citizens. What types of tools are available to you and what can you use them for?


Email is a great way to reach people. One of the reasons email is so effective is that you can include a lot of information in each email. Provide links that citizens can click to find more information or that take them to educational videos on your municipal website.

You can send out emails for almost anything. Alert citizens of service disruptions, collect volunteers for community events, provide important updates on changing municipal laws and so on. With an automated solution, the email creation and sending process takes just a few minutes. Use pre-made templates and lists to get your message out quickly.

Just be aware of the email sending laws in your region. In most areas, you need to have opt-in permission before you can send an email to a contact. Use simple online signup forms to collect opt-in permission.

Social Media

Social media is the way to reach a huge number of citizens and get your messages shared widely. Want to share information about a bus strike? Let people know about a new property law? Warn citizens about a high risk of forest fires? Inform people where to place their oversized garbage items for pickup? Share your message on social media and it will be shared with citizens all around the community.

Posting and tweeting are simple to automate so your staff can save hours of time every day. You can also review reports to see how many citizens saw, shared and commented on each post and tweet.

Text Messaging

Text messages are usually opened within five minutes of being received. This makes them a great tool for emergency notifications. When you need to reach citizens in a hurry, send out mass text messages that provide them with emergency information and updates as the situation progresses. With one click, send out text messages to thousands of citizens.


Voicemail is great for connecting with citizens who do not have internet. Voicemail, like text messaging, is also a great way to reach citizens in an emergency situation. Keep them updated with simple automated messages that you send out with one click.


Want to know what citizens think of a service, a new law or tax? Or maybe you simply want to collect information about the community's population? Create a simple online survey that citizens can take as a simple way to provide information. Your survey results are automatically collected and organized so you can analyze the data.

Try a Free Automated Citizen Services Communication Solutions

Sign up for a 14 day free trial to see how an automated solution can save you time, money and staff effort. Providing consistent information in a simple format boosts satisfaction with your government. Citizens know what's happening and know where they can find information about community services, laws and events. Reaching out over multiple channels ensures that everyone gets important messages.

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