Quick Tip: Feedback Form Design Process

Quick Tip: Feedback Form Design Process

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Feedback Form Design Process

This blog post about feedback form design was updated as part of our Flashback Friday series!

Before you do anything at all, ask yourself this.

What sort of feedback am I looking for?

The very first step in making a feedback form is to figure out what information you want. So, before creating your feedback form design, sit down and make a list of everything you'd like to learn, prioritizing the topics by the most pressing to the least.

Some areas that you may consider include:

• Customer service

• Customer satisfaction

• Customer experience

• Technical support

• Products/services

• Marketing and promotion strategies

• Ease of website / social media

Whom are you asking?

Are you asking only email marketing recipients? How about visitors to your website or your physical store?

Figuring out who you want to ask to fill out your feedback form will greatly determine what sort of type of feedback form you're going to make.

And, the sort of information you're going after will determine whom you're asking. Meaning, you're not going to ask website visitors how their visit was to your physical store.

What type of feedback form will work best with your purpose?

Depending on what and whom you're asking, your feedback form must be purpose-built.

For example, here are some suggestions for pairing the right type of form to the group of people you're planning on asking:

• For a customer experience feedback, ask in-store customers to go to a directed landing page (print website information on the bottom of their receipt)

• For technical assistance feedback, ask customers who call into your 1-800 line to take a brief survey about their experience at the end of the call

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If you have any more questions regarding the feedback form design process, be sure to contact our helpful support team at support@simplycast.com. If you would like more information about the SimplyCast Form Builder itself, contact us today!

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