Quick Tips to Improve Your SEO

Quick Tips to Improve Your SEO

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that the new marketer can easily overlook. But to truly build your business, you need the power of search engines to bring you organic traffic, otherwise, you are spending all of your money to get the leads.

Basically, SEO is what you need to do to make your website, landing pages, social sites and everything else you put on the Internet, more easily found by those looking for items on search engines. If your service or product shows up on page 40 of Google for the keywords you have chosen, then you have some optimizing to do.

Not to worry, there are a few things you can start doing right away that are pretty easy to implement. In no time you will climb the charts of search engines and see all kinds of free traffic coming your way.

Quick Tips to Improve Your SEOLink, Link, Link

Every place your business is online (social media, main website, YouTube) must have links to each other. Want an easy way? Include links on every page.


Add blog posts from industry leaders (with permission) and ask outside writers or guest bloggers to create blog posts for your sites. This creates a nice little back-link circle.


Commenting is a great way to not only get noticed but most of the time, it will allow you to send a link back to your own site. Pick 5-10 blogs or sites you read on a regular basis and start commenting on the content. Keep in mind, you want to avoid sounding like a robot or leaving poor comments. Admins won't approve them and your time will of been wasted.

Review Your Keywords

When someone is trying to find you, what do they type in on a search engine? Reevaluate your keywords regularly. Use SEO tools to find out what the top keywords are for your industry and use them throughout your online presence.


Produce articles for industry websites and your own. Pepper your content with your revised list of keywords, and always make sure that the content is original. If you hire freelancers to write for you, ensure that they are producing new material rather than copying someone else's. This not only hurts your search ranking but also your reputation.

Educate Yourself

Stay on top of what's going on in the world of SEO so that you know exactly when things change. You never want to be caught off guard with any SEO changes, then you'll just be playing catch up while your competitors snatch up your customers.

Research Your Competitors

What words did you use to find your biggest competitors? Do you have those included in your keyword list? By keeping track of what other people are doing, you'll be able to update your SEO strategy on the fly. Now, these tips are only a beginning but they will make create instant results. What SEO tip would you like to add to the list? Leave a comment.

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