Keeping Your Radio Marketing Up in the Digital Age

Keeping Your Radio Marketing Up in the Digital Age

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Radio Marketing

The radio industry is highly competitive, making radio marketing even more important. You are not only competing with other radio stations in your area. You are also trying to win listeners away from online radio stations and music streaming services. You need to offer listeners perks that they can't get anywhere else. What are the benefits of listening to your radio station, besides just entertainment? Tried and true radio marketing methods like contests and community events now go hand in hand with email promotions and social media interaction.

Get Listeners Involved

Build engagement by creating an active experience for your listeners throughout your radio marketing strategy. Many radio stations have success and gain new listeners by holding fun contests and events. A scavenger hunt with a cash prize gets listeners excited. A contest to "Name that Song" gives listeners the opportunity to interact. Focus on creating a fun, competitive atmosphere to get listeners excited. When a listener wins, celebrate their efforts by posting a photo or video on your website and social media pages.

Contribute to the Community

Make your radio station valuable to your community and your listeners through your radio marketing strategy. This is a great way to promote your station while also helping others. You can join in on other organizations' charity events or create your own. Tie your charity efforts in with your radio activities. Tell listeners that if they donate to the cause on your website that they may select the next two songs that play on your station. Make contributing interesting!

Attract New Listeners by Getting Social

Establishing a strong social media presence is an effective way to reach new listeners and is key to any radio marketing strategy. People share your social media content and your message spreads. To truly engage your social media visitors, create content that is interesting, funny or educational. "Top Ten Songs About Summer." "Do You Know the Stories Behind These Famous Albums?" "Win Tickets to the Upcoming Rolling Stones Concert by Identifying this Song!" You can easily automate your social media posting so it takes much less of your time. Try automated social media posting for free.

Boost Loyalty with Personalized Emails

Using email for your radio marketing is an effective way to keep your current listeners interested and loyal. Emails can be used for anything from advertising to event organization to relationship building. Automated email marketing solutions enable you to send personally targeted emails to each of your listeners, based on their own selected preferences. Give your listeners a good reason to open your emails. Partner with other local businesses to offer coupons and special promotions. Offer special contests and event invitations that are only available to your email subscribers.

Automate Your Radio Marketing and Reach More Listeners

Automating your radio marketing helps you increase your reach and interact with a new audience. Sign up for a free 14 day trial of our automated radio marketing solution. Our friendly team is ready to give you a free no risk, no obligation demo. Try it today to see how efficient your radio marketing could be.

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