Random Email Marketing Facts: How to Use Them for Your Benefit

Random Email Marketing Facts: How to Use Them for Your Benefit

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Random Email Marketing Facts

Though referring to numbers is always a snooze fest for most, business and marketing professionals can learn from what the data says.

As long as the interpretation is correct and useful, then these facts are not at all random, but integral. Learn how your marketing strategy measures up to not only your competitors but also to what is going on in your industry.

  1. 74% prefer to receive emails over any other form of marketing

    Really, what this means is that each of your customers and clients prefer direct communication with you via email rather than any other method. Essentially, what you're doing is totally on point. According to Merkle (2011), this is the best promotion to interact with your customers.

    What the Numbers Mean: Keep it up! These numbers don't lie: email marketing remains king. If anything, devote more time, staff and money to keep up with this explosive trend.
  2. 1% of online businesses send a "Welcome Email"

    This is identical to the blog about "Random Autoresponder Facts." Essentially, after a sign up for either an email subscription, RSS feed or any other communication, the vast majority of companies don't send an automatic email thanking customers for staying in touch with you.

    What the Numbers Mean: Autoresponder emails thanking each and every customer for their online interaction is critical for retention. If you want to stand out from the crowd to develop and cultivate customers, a this is a surefire way to clinch them. This data is from Lisktrak (2010) and is imperative to overall business growth. Don't ignore it!

  3. 67% of email subscribers sign up for promotions

    Wow. If this isn't telling, then we don't know what is. What this says is that for most new subscribers, the reason they were lured to sign up was that you offered a coupon, sale or a special subscriber promotion.

    What the Numbers Mean: Retention! Retention! Retention! So, it's a completely legitimate marketing strategy to lure new customers to become regular customers. However, this is the hitch of the strategy: promotions only lead so far. Customers use it and then leave you. Design your initial promotions to continuously draw new customers in. This leads to retention (repeat buyers!). This comes from ExactTarget (2010).
  4. 4% of customers don't buy products from marketing emails

    Again, wow. Kudos to those businesses who invest in email marketing campaigns. Sure, for some, this number is devastating, but, really, it is relatively small. Seriously. Only a small percentage of subscribers, according to e-Dialog (2010), don't respond to your emails.

    What the Numbers Mean: 96% of your subscribers are enticed by your campaigns. That return-on-investment (ROI) is worth every single penny you allocate to your email marketing.

Watch for more tips on Email marketing, Twitter, Autoresponders and other online strategies in future blog posts.

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