Some Random Thoughts on Fax Marketing to Consider

Some Random Thoughts on Fax Marketing to Consider


Have you ever been stuck in a marketing rut and you feel as though you're never going to break through? Yeah, we've all been there. Sometimes inspiration dissolves and you're left with a deadline and no idea how to proceed.

Enter the marketing muse.

With random and not necessarily connected thoughts, you'll be able to strike out into the creative ether and get out of your fax marketing quagmire.

Sometimes the best ideas come out of brainstorming sessions, where people generate thoughts about a certain subject and see what comes out of it. In some circles, this practice is called "free association," where one specific thought spurs another. With this process, many people find the answer they're looking for.

By letting your brain do what's best (thinking and problem solving) without restraint, leads to an incredible surge of productivity. There are some pretty serious scientific studies that back this up.

So, here's a bit of brainstorming inspiration that will help you jumpstart your creative process. Who knows? You may stumble across the "Next Big Idea" for fax marketing.

  • Fax marketing isn't obsolete, contrary to those high-minded marketers. It's evolving.
  • The quality of content matters more in fax promotions than any other medium.
  • Remember that many business people receive their faxes through their email inboxes. Consider this when designing your next campaign.
  • Buck the bad reputation fax marketing has in some circles. Keep your sending frequency to a minimum. Annoying customers is a surefire way to lose them.
  • Less is more with fax marketing design. Save your complicated layouts for email marketing or website promotions.
  • Try incorporating QR codes into your promotions. They're free to create and provides a direct connection to your website.
  • Make your unsubscribe process as quick and painless as possible. If your process is clumsy, chances are you'll be reported to the Feds. Don't make anyone jump through hoops.
  • Keep in mind each individual country's fax laws. Do your research before sending a single promotional fax to an international number. Avoid trouble!
  • Ensure that you send out customer surveys to your fax recipients. Don't neglect them simply because they aren't online. Just like your other strategies, you'll learn valuable information from your customers' feedback.
  • Don't be flashy or over-complicated in your design. Just remember that some companies still have primitive fax machines that can't produce high-quality printouts.
  • Be high-minded and overly professional in your fax marketing campaigns. Since there's a bad rep with this strategy, ensure that your fax isn't mistaken for the bogus and overly solicitous junk fax, like "WIN A FREE VACATION!!!!!!"
  • Never, ever send a fax to a company that didn't ask for it. You're breaking the law, invading their privacy and ticking them off.
  • Ensure that your fax promotions mirror every other promotion you have going. This makes it easier to track sales across the board and ensures consistency.
  • Promote your fax marketing campaigns through every channel available: email signature, website, social media and even your automated phone system. Without promotion, you'll never get recipients.
  • On your website, make it easy for customers to opt-in for your faxes, along with SMS and email promotions. By offering multiple options to your customers equals a higher rate of subscribers.

So, here is a brainstorming start. If you're hitting a brick wall with your latest fax marketing campaign, or even considering launching one, these random thoughts will drive you towards creativity. Also, this sort of exercise is brilliant for any problem.

Good luck with your fax marketing campaign!

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