Re-Examining Psychology Marketing in 2015

Re-Examining Psychology Marketing in 2015

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Psychology Marketing

 You may not think that you need to do psychology marketing for your practice. Perhaps you rely on word of mouth recommendations to bring in new clients. Marketing your various services, however, can be challenging. Psychology can be about treating mental illness, overcoming fears, changing your way of thinking, creating new habits and so on. Marketing does not mean pushing services at people. The marketing that we want to help automate for you focuses on enhancing your client communication and saving time for your administrative staff. Here are three simple tips that a personal psychologist could use to connect more effectively with clients and improve their visibility online.

1. Maintain a Blog/Newsletter

By putting out a newsletter to existing clients, you can share what services you offer and send personalized promotions to each client. In addition to reaching current clients, your newsletters can also be shared with clients' friends or family to increase your reach. This newsletter also allows you to give tips on maintaining good habits, such as mental exercises to help combat common issues like anxiety and depression. You can also promote upcoming events that you're involved in, such as groups or speaking engagements.

The blog is where you can post more detailed educational psychology content. You can also share all the details for upcoming events and tell people where to sign up. While the email newsletter reaches subscribers only, the blog can be accessed by anyone. This allows your content to be more widely shared and viewed by people you might not have as clients. This increases your pool of potential clients, and means that you are more visible. In addition, the blog and newsletter should link back to your web page, where you can offer more in-depth information about the services you offer.

2. Offer Appointment Reminders

One of the big issues with changing behaviors is keeping appointments. Keeping those appointments is important for the psychologist and equally important for the client. As such, email, SMS and voice reminders are useful tools. A practice or private psychologist could set up reminders for the week and the day before to keep clients on time. By using a contact management tool in tandem with those reminders, they can easily automate the process to save time and money. This way, they have more time for their clients and their clients receive a useful extra service.

3. Set Up Follow-Up Campaigns

For clients who want it, a service could easily be set up and automated reminding them to follow a solid plan set in place by client and psychologist to improve mood, change behavior or whatever it is. These messages could be sent once a week, once every few days, or even daily between appointments, depending on client preference and frequency of appointments. This allows the psychologist to keep in communication with their clients, and the client gains the benefit of being reminded and motivated to keep changing those habits.

These are only a few of the benefits marketing automation has within the realm of personal psychology marketing. Of course, there are applications for any branch of psychology, and these should be explored. Marketing doesn't have to mean advertising. See what else marketing automation can do for you, and check out our page tooled specifically for life sciences like psychology. We put out a new featured flow every week with templates you can easily build specific to your industry, and this one could be next!

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