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1. Find your point.

What's the point of your marketing email? What are you pushing? Whatever it is, that's the focus of your subject line. Everything else is just detritus.

For example: the email is highlighting all of the deals that are available on your website today.

2. Write your subject line as plainly and simply as possible.

Doing this will ensure that you've made your point, remained focused and highlighted what the email is all about.

For example: "A list of all of the deals we're offering today."

3. Rewrite your Plain-Jane subject line.

The action that you'd like your subscribers to take – your call-to-action – needs to lead the subject line off.

For example: "A list of all of the deals we're offering today" becomes "Deals of the Day."

4. Ask yourself whether the new subject line makes sense.

If it does, then, great, move on. If it doesn't, take another stab at it.

5. Add descriptive words around your call-to-action.

So, a revamped subject line may read, "Deals of the Day." But, if you add in fabulous, fantastic, unbelievable or shocking, you've instantly added some oomph and weight to your call-to-action.

For example: "Fabulous Deals of the Day," or "Can't-Miss Deals of the Day."

Remember, you only need one!

Other Tips and Tricks:

• Go for shock value or controversy

• Compare two oddball things: "What the Jersey Shore Teaches Us About Etiquette"

• Try being authoritative: "10 Marketing Tactics You Need Right Now"

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