Reader's Choice - The Most Popular SimplyCast Blog Posts

Reader's Choice - The Most Popular SimplyCast Blog Posts

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The SimplyCast team has been working so hard on upcoming products and enhancements for our email marketing service, that sometimes we forget to take a look back.

Over the past several months we have posted many helpful articles to not only help you use our product, but also on how to improve your email marketing efforts.

After digging around in the blog stats, we found the 10 most popular posts from the SimplyCast blog's history.

Remember, not everything has to be fresh and new to be of great value. Whether you are an email marketing rookie or a pro, we think you will find something here to help you out.

1. Integrating Facebook into your email marketing campaigns
2. Checklist: Planning your first email marketing campaign
3. Is a dedicated IP address the way to go?
4. How to create an effective email subject line
5. How effective is your Call-To-Action?
6. The scoop on using images in HTML emails
7. Twitter and email marketing: A killer combination
8. Optimize email subject line for better results
9. 8 steps to optimize your email marketing
10. 20 ways to avoid email spam filters

To learn more about SimplyCast's email marketing service, you can contact our sales team by phone (1.877.312.4979) or by email.

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