Real Estate Agent Software — Everything You Need

Real Estate Agent Software — Everything You Need

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Real Estate Agent Software

If you're a real estate agent, real estate agent software might sound like a dream come true. But if you search for it, what you'll find nine times out of ten are just small CRM programs that may allow you to do drip campaigns. SimplyCast 360 is going to change that. SimplyCast 360 is a marketing automation platform that is also truly a real estate software. For an agent, real estate software needs to provide a plethora of marketing and communication tools so they can reach their clients in any way necessary. SimplyCast 360 does that and more. In fact, it has the ability to do more than any other marketing and communication software out there.

For example, with our software, a real estate agent is able to do anything from managing their contacts and gathering data to emailing customers who want information about the business and offering them spots they might be interested in. By tracking each lead, real estate agents know what each lead is interested in before they ever come into the office, allowing them to cater their services to that lead's specific needs.

Real estate agent software needs to react quickly, and SimplyCast 360 does that. This allows you to send out personalized voice or SMS reminders, emails such as newsletters, thank yous and more, surveys, social media posts and so on. You can even create email templates ahead of time for all of these different message types so that you can create and send new emails at a moment's notice.

Want to advertise online? No problem. We have a landing page generator built in too. Our software is designed for every level of communication with your customers. SimplyCast is the best option for a real estate agent looking for a one-stop software.

Real Estate Agent Software to Meet Your Needs

Check out our marketing automation page for more information, and have a look at our real estate page! You can also contact our knowledgeable sales team for even more information.

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