All-in-One Real Estate Agent Tools

All-in-One Real Estate Agent Tools

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Real Estate Agent Tools

 Successful real estate agents know how to build and maintain strong relationships with their clients. Engaging clients at the beginning is one thing, but keeping those clients engaged throughout the entire process and ensuring that they will refer your services is another. How can you provide the best real estate experience possible without sacrificing your time or budget? What you need are a few simple yet powerful tools.

Personalization with Marketing Automation 

All-in-one marketing automation solutions include a variety of tools in a single place. This saves you time and money, and it's very convenient. Tools may include email marketing, contact management, lead nurturing and lead tracking, social media management, text message marketing, online surveys, live chat and much more. Try our all-in-one real estate solution, SimplyCast 360, for free for 14 days.

By having your client and lead data in a single place, you can create highly targeted campaigns, Personally targeted campaigns bring in more revenue and lead to loyalty. Clients receive exactly the information they need based on their individual specifications.

Automation makes personalized campaigns possible for every client, because the amount of manual work you need to do is greatly reduced. Personally targeted messages are automatically sent based on stored data. Whenever new data comes in, personal profiles are dynamically updated.

Connect with Leads: Lead Tracking & Simple Surveys

When someone visits your website, how do you connect with them and get them interested? For anonymous leads, lead tracking allows you to track their IP address and browser identity, and you can also see which pages they have viewed on your site. More details are added to their personal profile each time they visit the site so you can reach out to them in the future.

For leads who provide their contact details, however, the possibilities are almost endless. Start by automatically emailing them an online survey. Find out more about their needs, including what location they are looking at, what type of home they want, their budget and so on. Survey data is automatically collected and organized so you can see exactly what each lead is seeking. This essential information enables you to send them highly targeted real estate information that nurtures them and makes them more likely to stick with you.

Excite Each Client with Personalized Real Estate Emails

Part of the challenge is identifying what your customers want, and that is easily accomplished with a simple survey, as we have shown. Once you have a bit of data, you can begin personally targeting each lead and client based on their own needs. Set up automated lead nurturing emails. When a lead selects a specific area and budget, homes in that area and price range are automatically emailed to them so they begin to get interested.

Rather than looking through hundreds of homes that don't suit their needs, the lead receives relevant matches right away. And you don't have to spend your time manually looking through homes trying to find specific ones to send.

Once a lead becomes a client, the nurturing process doesn't stop. You gather more and more information about each client as time goes on, all of which is added to their personal profile. Consistent emails are sent out automatically to maintain clients' interest and provide them with individually targeted information. This process builds trust and loyalty, ultimately shortening the sales cycle.

Grow the Real Estate Buzz on Social Media

Social media is a great way to get new leads interested in your real estate services. To rule social media, you need to post great content and you need to update your posts regularly. Marketing automation helps you manage this process. Create a bunch of posts in advance of when you need them and schedule them to post over a period of time so you don't have to think about it. You can even schedule your messages to post at organic times so it looks like you're manually posting them.

Create engaging social media content: real estate videos of featured properties, testimonials from satisfied clients, bios of your real estate agents, contests and more. Social media gets people talking about your real estate agency and sharing your content with a wider audience.

Try All-in-One Marketing Automation for Free

Sign up for a 14 day free trial of our real estate marketing and communication solution. Having all the real estate agent tools you need in one place is convenient and simple. Yet the tasks you can accomplish and the level of personalization you can offer is unsurpassed. Request an interactive demo to see what marketing automation can do for your real estate agency.

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