Using an Automated COVID-19 Quarantine Tracker System

Using an Automated COVID-19 Quarantine Tracker System

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5 Reasons to Adopt an Automated COVID-19 Quarantine Tracker System

Right now, authorities all over the world are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and trying to implement policies so the spread can be mitigated. Among these policies, strict isolation/quarantine management procedures are becoming prominent as most of the COVID-19 spread is caused by travel-related cases in addition to community spread. Even one active case can become “patient zero” for a jurisdiction that has been free of COVID-19 for months.

However, as the number of travelers is going up gradually, authorities are experiencing trouble dealing with the large number of travelers, making sure they follow the quarantine or isolation protocols. On top of that, having a manual quarantine tracker system also makes the job overwhelming. Imagine getting hundreds of travelers fill out paper forms, processing that information, determining who needs to quarantine/isolate and who is exempt, and contacting them. Now, add the job to communicate with each of the travelers who are required to quarantine/isolate every day for a set number of days to see if they are following the protocol or not.

Sounds like running a 21st-centry video game on an 80s computer setup, eh?

Now, this problem is real. If you look deeper then you will discover that the problem is not in the process itself. The process is fine. The problem is there is so many manual tasks associated with the process; especially, when the volume of tasks increases tenfold as number of travelers increases. Therefore, the best way to tackle this issue is to adopt a solution that will automate the entire quarantine tracker system. An automated quarantine tracker system not only makes the whole process efficient, but also reduces manual tasks, saving both time and resources.

Imagine a complete quarantine management solution that can handle the entire quarantine management process. This solution uses multiple digital channels to register travelers before even they arrive the border; stores the collected information in a central database; and finally, helps authorities to automatically track the quarantine process for each of the travelers. This type of solution can eliminate almost all manual tasks and boost the whole quarantine tracking process.

Wondering how this solution can be feasible? It’s so easy if you have the right tools. All you need is an online form or shortcode+keyword-enabled SMS solution, a centralized CRM solution, and an alert notification system. Here’s how it works:

  • Travelers scan a QR code or go to a short link to fill out and submit an online form. Alternatively, they can send a keyword to a shortcode to obtain the form link via SMS and fill it out using the browser.
  • All the information will be stored in a database, preferably in a contact management system.
  • Upon reviewing all the information, authorities will decide which travelers need to isolate/quarantine and which ones are exempt. This is decided based on the jurisdiction’s COVID-19 protocols.
  • Those who need to quarantine for a set number of days will receive automated quarantine tracker messages every day until the quarantine period is over. They will need to respond to the message to confirm that they are following the protocols. If anyone fails to respond, then authorities will be able contact the individual(s) who broke the protocol on an individual basis.

Adopting this system lets authorities register and track thousands of travelers’ quarantine processes without spending tons of resources.

Now, where do you find such a solution? That’s the real question. Because even if you have digital forms, a CRM, SMS tools, and an alert solution ready, it is extremely difficult to integrate all the technologies and create a perfect COVID-19 quarantine tracing system. You will need a complete solution that is ready to hit the ground running.

Fortunately, SimplyCast is offering this solution for anyone who is looking for an efficient quarantine management process. We have streamlined our online form builder, SMS solution, CRM software, and alerts system to build a complete solution that covers the entire quarantine management process: from registering travelers to checking on them daily. This automated system reduces nearly every single manual task, reducing system friction and speeding up the whole system. Also, it boosts the accuracy of the system so there is almost zero risk of errors.

Top 5 Reasons to Use this Solution

If you are reading this section, then chances are you find this quarantine management solution interesting. To convince you further, we have pulled together some reasons why you should be using this solution.

1. User-friendly Service

Unlike many digital solutions, SimplyCast’s automated quarantine tracker system is quite user friendly. You can automate the entire quarantine management process without writing a single line of code. The visual interface with drag-and-drop functionality makes it really easy, even if you haven’t used any such platform before. On top of that, we provide our users with personalized training and onboarding services.

2. Military-grade Security

Data security is one of the core issues in the digital era and we address this issue quite seriously. SimplyCast is ISO 27001:2013-certified with datacenters in the USA and Canada. We also strictly follow anti-SPAM regulations. Which means, all the contact information stored in our system is secured.

3. Scalability

SimplyCast aims to help every organization with our automated quarantine tracker solution. Be it a small college with a few hundred incoming students who need to quarantine or a large government authority who needs to track hundreds of thousands of travelers; we can help them all. Our service is hyper-scalable with the capacity of sending 150,000+ messages every hour and storing nearly unlimited contacts in the CRM. We can also acquire additional servers and gateways if needed.

4. Reliability and Customization

A digital solution like this must be flexible enough to meet your organization’s needs and reliable enough to keep it running after customization. Because if the customized system goes down and it remains like that for a while, the whole quarantine tracker system will freeze, which definitely is not a great thing! Now, this solution was built entirely in-house. We can customize it to meet any business requirements. Also, SimplyCast boasts a minimum 99.5% uptime with regular system check-ups to keep it running 24/7. With us, you do not have to be worried about system disruptions.

5. Cost-effective Solution

As mentioned before, if you were to make this system by tying multiple solutions together, you would have to pay for these multiple platforms. Not to mention that integrations among multiple platforms are more likely to cause disruptions. SimplyCast solves this by providing you with all channels you need to execute this solution under a single platform. It also reduces nearly every manual task so your resources free up to be utilized for other functions.


There are plenty more reasons why you should use SimplyCast’s automated quarantine tracker system. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact our experts or simply book a demo with us by clicking the button below. One of our consultants will reach out to you soon to discuss your requirements and how our solution can help solve the quarantine management challenges you are having.

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