Recommend Products to Customers with SimplyCast and Lightspeed

Recommend Products to Customers with SimplyCast and Lightspeed

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Recommend Products

Recommending products to customers has quickly become a staple of digital marketing, whether it is tracking the items they looked at on your website and following up, or trying to upsell when they are at the register.

Unfortunately, these tactics can ring hollow if there is a disconnect between what is bought and what the customer needs.

Tailoring your products and services to your customers' lifestyle and interests is integral now more than ever. Simply getting your product in front of people is no longer good enough – you must provide a personalized experience to each customer that buys your product.

This is not an impossible goal and has already been achieved using Lightspeed POS and SimplyCast's marketing automation platform.

When a customer checks out and provides their name, cell phone number, or email, you're instantly given an opportunity to follow up and connect that customer with products specific to their purchase, coupons, upcoming sales, and more.

Thanks to Lightspeed's enhanced POS technology you can track, filter, and review purchases made by customers in your store while easily taking down their information. This allows you to not only track your sales and chart the selling trends among your products but to collect the data you need to connect with your customers and build a relationship.

By combining marketing automation and POS systems, specifically SimplyCast and Lightspeed, you can leverage one item to increase the sale of another. For example, perhaps you wanted to sell more shorts by offering a discount when they are paired with another item that is often bought with them, such as tee shirts.

Using Lightspeed POS, you can filter and download a complete list of men and women who bought tee shirts and their provided information, such as name, cell numbers, and email. From there, just upload the list to our CRM application, set up a marketing flow, and begin sending weekly emails delivering coupons specifically with a discount on shorts.

With SimplyCast's 360 application, you can quickly and efficiently set up marketing flows that send your clients scheduled communications while providing real-time reports and filtering duplicates to ensure no one receives the same message twice. If you want to get your messages into the physical hands of your customers, you can offer the campaign through SMS messages that link to the coupons. Using merge tags and collected information, you can even personalize each message with the client's name or ensure communications are sent on special occasions – such as their birthday!

With SimplyCast and Lightspeed POS, mass communication and personalized messaging are married with in-store insights and customer data. It's the perfect pairing.

If you're interested in seeing how SimplyCast can improve your organization, try a free 14-day trial and discover what our solutions can do for you and your clients!

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