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Digital Insurance Renewal Solution

Having insurance is vital to ensuring the safety of one’s home and belongings, as it provides valuable protection in the event something goes terribly wrong.

As part of the responsibilities insurance companies have, they need to ensure policy holders are aware when it comes time to renew their insurance so they do not run the risk of not being covered under their policy for any length of time. While insurance representatives typically send out email and phone call reminders to policy holders near their renewal dates, this process is typically done manually one by one. A manual process may be sufficient in the case of a limited number of clients, this can easily get out of control when the client list grows exponentially – resulting in more human errors, with some clients potentially falling through the cracks.  

To help with the challenge of managing insurance reminders efficiently without a lot of manual phone calls and emails, the insurance renewal reminders process can be enhanced with automation. An automated insurance renewal solution can assist insurance companies by providing an easy-to-use system for reminding clients to renew their policies on a timely basis.

Here are the four pieces of an automated insurance renewal solution for insurance companies.

1. Client Database

When setting up your automated insurance renewal solution, you need to make sure you have all your clients’ information organized in a centralized location so it can easily be accessed. Spreadsheets of client information can be inefficient or hard to manage, especially with a significant number of clients.

With a digital insurance management system, you are able to collect the most up to date information from your clients by having them submit an online form with their contact details (such as their names, their contact information, renewal dates, and any other piece of insurance information you need). The solution will automatically store all the information for each client in the central contact database that can easily be accessed and used to send the automated insurance reminders when needed.

2. Regular Reminders

Once you have all your clients’ policy and contact information in your central database, the next part of automating insurance reminders is creating a set of reminder templates that can be sent automatically whenever clients’ next renewal dates are approaching. These templates can be repurposed each renewal period without any modifications.

Each renewal reminder template should contain all the important information necessary for insurance clients to know in order to renew their policies on time – such as the policy number, the renewal payment amount, when the due date is, instructions on how to make the payment, etc. These reminders can also be personalized automatically to each individual client – the insurance renewal solution will automatically pull the relevant information for each client when the template gets sent to them.

3. Team Notifications

With a manual insurance policy renewal reminder process, insurance representatives are still manually reaching out to clients to remind them of their policy renewal date, on top of any reminder messages that may have been sent out previously., There is no way for insurance representatives to know whether the insurance reminders were being opened or engaged with.

In the digital insurance renewal solution, it is possible to determine whether clients are opening the reminder messages that they are being sent – and only follow up with the clients that have not engaged with any reminders at all.

The insurance renewal solution can automatically send clients an automated voice message if they have not opened or interacted with the policy reminder message within a certain amount of time. When client pick up the phone, they can press a number on their dial pad to be connected with an insurance representative. This helps keeps the reminder process automated, but also gives clients a chance to personally speak to a representative if needed.

4. Automatic Restart

The final part of the automated insurance renewal solution is setting up a recurring reminder process for policy renewals. Typically, renewal deadline dates will be the same each year. So, it is super efficient to have the insurance management system set up to restart automatically without needing to manually recreate the reminder messages.‚Äč

You may choose to tweak some of the reminder messages from time to time, but this is optional as the solution will automatically restart once the policy reminders have been sent for clients and will automatically include any new clients who purchased new policies in the current year.

Interested in an automated insurance renewal solution?

Are you interested in a solution that can help your insurance company automate the process for sending policy renewal reminders to clients?

SimplyCast has developed an automated insurance renewal solution using its suite of interconnected tools that work together to allow insurance companies to automatically send out automated policy renewal reminders to each client when their renewal date approaches, while also making sure the process is as efficient as possible. With its built-in contact database and automated workflow tool, SimplyCast can provide you with all the functionality you need to automate your insurance policy renewal reminders.

To learn more about how you can automate the insurance renewal reminder process using our automated solution, click the button below to request a one-on-one demo from our helpful and knowledgeable team!



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