Resell Email Marketing Software as Part of a Larger Platform

Resell Email Marketing Software as Part of a Larger Platform

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Resell Email Marketing Software

When you resell email marketing software, you're able to offer your clients the ability to connect with their contacts on an easily accessible channel. While email is indeed a crucial element of many marketing campaigns, it isn't all there is.

When choosing to become a reseller of marketing automation, why opt for a system that only provides your clients with the ability to automate one channel of communication when you can resell a platform that has the ability to make your clients' marketing strategies even more efficient by allowing them to automate messages sent via telephone, SMS, social media, as well as email?

Resell email marketing as part of a larger platform to give clients more bang for their buck

Your clients would get more value out of a multi-channel marketing automation platform rather than one that simply gives them the option to automate emails. By offering your clients more options for their marketing automation needs, this not only gives them more functionality to work with, but it also adds additional value to your own brand. Your clients' stickiness will increase due to the fact that they now possess all of the necessary tools in one place and will not have to look elsewhere to fulfill their marketing needs.

Adjust your prices accordingly

Being a reseller provides your company with an additional source of revenue. However, that additional revenue depends of course on the quantity and quality of the tools in your arsenal. If you are solely choosing to resell email marketing, you may only see fit to inflate your prices a small amount to account for this additional functionality that you are now offering.

However, by becoming a reseller of an entire marketing automation platform with multiple communication channels capable of automation, on top of the standard email automation, you now have the opportunity to charge even more for your services. Your clients will not mind paying a bit extra for your products, as long as they are able to see the value that you are providing them with.

Get an edge on the competition

A marketing automation platform is one way your company can get a leg up on your competition, by enabling you to maintain contact with your clients in an efficient and streamlined way, without designating any more resources to the task than you need.

A multi-channel platform allows you to automate interactions with your clients in their preferred method of contact, rather than only having the ability to automate email notifications. Some of your clients may not have easy access to their email or they simply don't check it regularly, so by only using email automation, you are likely not reaching as many of your clients as you should be.

By having multiple communication channels that can be automated, however, your company gains the luxury of extra time to spend focusing on other daily tasks while your clients remain satisfied with your level of service, as they have the option to be contacted in the manner that they choose.


If you would like to know more about how becoming a marketing automation reseller, please check out our Reseller Program for more information, and sign up for a 14-day free trial of SimplyCast 360.

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