CRM Resellers: What You Need to Know to Get Started

CRM Resellers: What You Need to Know to Get Started

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CRM Resellers

Have you ever thought about joining the ranks of CRM resellers? A business in almost any industry can successfully resell marketing automation tools, yet CRM solutions can especially benefit from reselling. CRM resellers already provide their customers with many tools to help them manage contacts and nurture leads. Now, what if your CRM solution could also add marketing automation tools on top of your current offering?

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Customers would not only be able to track, manage, and nurture leads and contacts, but would also be able to send personally-targeted marketing and communication campaigns to each unique contact. Every small business needs to be able to market its products or services and communicate with its customers. Automating manual processes is ideal, because it allows businesses to save time and focus on each customer's individual needs.

Rather than sending your customers to third-party providers for their marketing automation needs, why not offer the tools yourself as an integrated part of your CRM solution? A Reseller program is the ideal complement to your services.

What tools can CRM resellers also offer?

Our Reseller solution includes some of the most in-demand marketing automation tools available today. In a single integrated solution, your customers have access to email marketing, autoresponder, a live chat service, SMS marketing, voice broadcasting, fax marketing, social media management for Facebook and Twitter, online surveys and signup forms, event management, a landing page generator, contact management, web tracking, and blacklist monitoring.

CRM resellers can resell all these tools as a single all-in-one solution or they can offer only specific ones. Customers can also choose which tools they would like to use.

Am I in control?

You rebrand the solution as your own, set your own prices, and keep all the customers you gain. We do, however, offer comprehensive support for our CRM resellers including live customer care by phone, online support through chat, email and Twitter. We also offer many online resources such as whitepapers, blog posts, articles, FAQs, videos, and more.

Do you integrate with any CRMs?

SimplyCast currently integrates with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, Vtiger, and Second CRM. We are also working on integrating with Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite, and we are releasing a plugin manager for custom CRM integrations.

What does becoming a reseller offer me?

Reselling marketing automation tools can help increase customer loyalty and engagement, as well as reduce customer churn. Studies show that when customers purchase additional services from their provider they are less likely to switch to a different provider. CRM resellers can offer all the tools customers need so they don't need to go anywhere else.

Becoming a reseller also enables you to earn extra revenue right away. Marketing automation is a hot industry, and by reselling a ready-made solution you can avoid the costs (and time spent) of developing your own tools.

Offering marketing automation tools along with your CRM solution attracts customers away from the competition, because you have more to offer in a single solution. Your customers have all their information available in one place and the tools are easy for anyone to use. Customers have only one bill to pay at the end of the month.

If I do become a reseller, what ongoing fees do I have to pay?

After the initial reseller set-up, there are no recurring fees. There are no annual renewal fees, monthly fees, or user fees. The revenue share is between 20-30% and depends on what level of reseller you choose to become (i.e. Basic Reseller, Enterprise Reseller, etc.). You do not pay us until your customers pay you, so you do not have to worry.

What would I do to get started?

First of all, download the free Reseller Guide, which will provide you with additional information to help you make a decision. Once you have checked out the Reseller Guide, please contact our Reseller Team. Ariel Hopper, Director of Partnerships can be reached at 866.323.6572, ext. 1204.

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