SimplyCast Boosts Revenue and Client Retention: Resellers

SimplyCast Boosts Revenue and Client Retention: Resellers

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Boost Client Retention

SimplyCast's Reseller program is an easy and affordable solution for any business that would like to provide their customers with access to a quality marketing automation platform without having to go through the time and expense of creating their own.

Our White Label program allows you to take our software and completely rebrand it to match your company's colors and logos, and our name will be nowhere to be found. This allows your company to grow your brand value and increase the loyalty of your customers, who will come to rely on you for all their marketing needs.

Here are just a few ways our current resellers take advantage of SimplyCast's turnkey-ready White Label program:

1. Pick and mix your applications

When deciding to become a SimplyCast reseller, our partners are able to choose which applications of the platform will be the most valuable for their business and for their customer-base. If they know their customers are most likely to purchase an email automaton solution, they may decide to only sell that part of the platform.

Knowing what their customers or clients are looking for enables these resellers to get them onboarded quickly, increasing the ROI of their company while increasing customer satisfaction in the process.

2. Scaling

Our resellers also know that the scaling opportunities of reselling a marketing automation solution are almost endless. Once customers are comfortable with using the basic elements of the platform, such as email, resellers are then able to offer more to them by way of different channels and features like SMS or voice.

The relationship between reseller and client is symbiotic. Whatever adds value to the business, also adds value to the reseller, meaning that in order for the reseller to succeed, their client must succeed as well, making it a win-win situation for all those involved.

3. Onboarding and training

By offering onboarding and training sessions with their clients, resellers have yet another revenue stream added to their company. These sessions allow clients to become more comfortable with the platform quicker, allowing them to see the value that it can add to their businesses.

By showing that they are always available to their clients to help out with any issues that may arise while using the platform, resellers are able to further elevate their brand value and build a strong sense of trust with their customers, which will increase their loyalty and overall stickiness.

4. Ongoing managed services

Many of our resellers offer fully managed services for their clients, in which they create content and manage all the automated marketing for their clients. This frees up valuable time for customers, who do not have to worry about creating campaigns and analyzing reports, and adds even more revenue for the resellers.

Offering managed services increases customers' reliance on the reseller's company and, when these customers realize they wouldn't be able to cope without the service, this generally boosts the reseller's client retention rates.

5. A natural add-on to current services

Companies who offer their clients SEO and PPC capabilities, such as many of the Google Partners we are currently partnered with, are natural fits to become SimplyCast resellers. By adding a marketing automation platform to their current offerings, their clients are now able to find and obtain better leads and better attribution.

These resellers have increased the value of their brands by offering their clients more for their money, and their clients will likely choose to stick around longer because they are getting what they need from the reseller's company and do not have to look elsewhere.

6. Let us help

SimplyCast is always available to assist resellers, by offering training on new features once they become available and support should anything go amiss.

We set up many of our internal processes for resellers, helping them to increase their signups and conversions, and we also encourage self-service for those who have the capabilities to manage on their own.

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