How Reselling Marketing Automation can Benefit Web Hosts

How Reselling Marketing Automation can Benefit Web Hosts

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Marketing Automation can Benefit Web Hosts

As a web host provider, there are many benefits to adding a marketing automation platform to your arsenal. Your main priorities to your clients include being able to offer them reliable access to your servers while making their experience as convenient and as streamlined as possible.

An all-in-one solution increases client loyalty

With a marketing automation platform, web hosts can boost their clients' efficiency and help them succeed in their marketing endeavors by giving them the communication tools they need all in one centralized location.

If you can provide your clients with all the resources they need to ensure their marketing strategy's success, they will less likely be tempted to look elsewhere for another service to meet their needs. If your clients have access to channels such as email, SMS, voice, and fax, their stickiness to your brand will likely increase and you will boost your ROI.

Add a new revenue stream to your business

Along with increased customer stickiness, being a reseller of a marketing automation platform provides your web host company with another source of revenue. You get to keep any profits that you make from selling the platform to your clients and you also get to keep all the revenue you collect from offering clients any managed services.

Resellers of marketing automation are able to set their own prices and set themselves ahead of their competitors. As long as your web host company is able to offer these quality tools at competitive prices, this furthers the likelihood of decreasing client churn, with your clients choosing to remain with your company for the long haul.

Save you and your clients time and effort

Another benefit of your web host clients having access to a marketing automation platform is the time they will save from not having to manually create, deploy, and manage their various campaigns. Instead of doing everything manually, you would give them the ability to automate the sending and management of their campaigns so they would save more time to devote to other tasks.

Utilizing a marketing automation platform is not only beneficial for your clients, but it can also do wonders for your web host company's efficiency, especially when you need to communicate time-sensitive information to your clients. Automation makes reaching clients easier and allows you to contact them automatically via a method you know they use regularly, thereby increasing the chance that they will receive your message.

White labelling maintains brand consistency

So, your web host company decides it wants to add a marketing automation platform to its client offerings but doesn't want the new platform's brand to overshadow its own. This is where a white label solution fits in. White labelling provides your company with the ability to use the platform and sell it as your own, with your own branding, colors, and logos.

This serves to maintain your brand consistency and gives your brand more value. With your name on the platform, your clients will look to you for all their training and support and come to associate your company as a go-to solution for their automation needs.

Contact our reseller team to learn more about our White Label Solution and to find out how your web host company can get started.

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