Marketing for Resorts: Finding International Guests Online

Marketing for Resorts: Finding International Guests Online

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Marketing for Resorts

There is an infinite number of resorts out there - that is why marketing for resorts needs to be efficient, effective, and powerful. If you are competing with other resorts internationally and not just locally it can be a challenge to carve out a unique identity for your resort. You need to set your resort apart so guests have a good reason to visit you. One of the ways to do this is to have a strong, active online presence.

Using online tools like email, social media, surveys and others, you are able to interact with loyal guests and new potential guests. Doing effective online marketing is essential for an international resort because the majority of your guests will find you through the internet. Let's look at a few things you need to include in your resort marketing international strategy online.

Social Media Marketing for Resorts

Social media is a great place to build a following of new guests. It is a way to show off your resort to the world and spread your message to a much wider audience.

Offer exclusive coupons or discounts on your resort services. This enables new guests to try your resort without spending a fortune. It builds interest and gets guests in who normally may have gone elsewhere.

Create video stories. Lots of resorts make video ads, but these should be a bit more personal. Show a guest coming to the resort for the first time and experiencing all the unique locations and services. Or follow a staff member around as they interact with guests, plan events and solve common dilemmas. This shows that your staff members are committed to providing excellent service.

Email Marketing for Resorts

Email marketing is an effective way to reach out to guests whose information you already have. With an automated resort marketing solution, create personalized email campaigns for each guest. Include content that appeals to each guest's individual needs. Personally targeted marketing emails are much more effective than mass emails. They build loyalty and ensure that guests will return to your resort over and over.

Survey Marketing for Resorts

Surveys are a great way to improve your services because you are looking at real feedback from guests. Surveys are simple to create and distribute online, and they are interactive for guests.

Surveys can simply be used to gather more information on your guests so you are able to more directly target your marketing efforts. Use a survey to find out where guests are traveling from, their age range, their personal preferences and much more. Using this data, you can improve your services and appeal more personally to each guest.

Another effective way to use surveys is to get guests involved and interested in changes at your resort. For example, you can share a survey through social media and email that enables guests to select which service you will offer next. What service would you most like to see us add to our resort offering? (a) Yoga classes (b) Hairdresser (c) Coffee shop café (d) Jewellery boutique

You can then promote your new service on social media and show how you have the public involved: "You voted and it's time to reveal the winner! As of March 2015, we will now be offering yoga classes in our Sun Room with experienced instructor Jenny Smith!"

The survey process and resulting promotion show that you listen to your guests and make changes based on their needs in order to provide an even higher level of service.

Try Automated Resort Marketing for Free

With an all-in-one solution, it's simple to take care of all your online marketing needs from a single place. With SimplyCast 360, marketing for resorts can be done through campaigns using email, social media, text messaging, online surveys, landing pages and more. All your data is in one place and there's only one bill at the end of the month. With automation, you can easily send out personalized campaigns to each guest and interested visitor.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial, and check out a one-on-one demo hosted by our friendly team. More effective resort marketing is available right now.

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