Restaurant Advertising Campaigns and Marketing Automation

Restaurant Advertising Campaigns and Marketing Automation

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Restaurant Advertising Campaign

A restaurant advertising campaign faces the same challenges as any advertising campaign. How do you connect with your customers in a way that brings them into your establishment? One of the biggest ways to advertise is online marketing. Advertising is also popular through social media, email and more. That takes up a lot of valuable time and resources, particularly when you have a restaurant to run.

So how can you engage and involve your customers with advertising that gets their attention, but not lose time or resources? I'm glad you asked because I have some fantastic restaurant advertising ideas for you.

What sets your restaurant advertising campaign ideas apart?

Well, I'm looking at things from the aspect of maximum efficiency and effectiveness all bundled up into one. I'm also looking at advertising as a single part of your marketing strategy, as well as customer communication. I'm looking at a platform that would allow you to create and automate SMS messages, emails, social media campaigns, faxes, and phone calls all at once.

The platform also offers detailed tracking data to help you track the actions customers take with your advertisements and other communications, allowing you to target specific groups. You can also perform surveys and create online forms with this platform. That will allow you to gather data that you can use to further specify your contact lists, allowing special messages to go out depending on the nature of the customer. This is all possible. Let's look at some practical examples.

1. Enlist your local community presence in your advertising

Offer incentives to share components of your restaurant advertising campaign online and encourage fans to share around a particularly sweet deal exclusive to social media. Ask local food bloggers to review your restaurant and offer to pay for advertising space. Try to make your social media posting worthwhile and interesting. Enlisting your local community online is important. Engage with customers offline too.

2. Engage your customers using interactive advertising and marketing

A monthly contest or a loyalty program is a great way to build customer interaction. This will keep people coming back time after time to rack up the loyalty points for that free stuff, or the chance to win that sweet prize. This will make customers more likely to follow you on social media, and share your restaurant with friends and family because it's a fun experience.

3. Run a newsletter and a blog

There are two entirely separate reasons for this. The newsletter, if done correctly, boosts engagement and also awareness of special events and your involvement in community events. Offer tips and tricks for recipes and let customers get to know you. The blog allows you to expand on challenges you have, answer concerns in customer surveys, update clients on new processes, and boost the number of times search terms relevant to you appear on search engines using a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO will make your web page appear more often when certain terms appear on it, based on a specific algorithm used to rank pages in search engines.

These are very basic ways that marketing automation can improve your business. Stay up to date with our blog here, and you'll see more specific tips on emails, social media and more. Check out other ideas on how marketing automation can benefit your advertising. And don't forget to check out our restaurant page, either!

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