Restaurant Promotion Ideas that You Can Automate

Restaurant Promotion Ideas that You Can Automate

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Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Ever thought about automating some of your restaurant promotions to save time and increase effectiveness? Using marketing automation, you can connect with more restaurant patrons and draw in more new customers. Our marketing automation solution, SimplyCast 360, is simple to use and includes a free trial. Here are just a few restaurant promotion ideas that can easily be automated.

Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Gain New Customers through Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to reach new customers and promote your restaurant. Encourage visitors to like your restaurant on Facebook and follow you on Twitter in order to receive exclusive social media promotions. Share positive customer reviews of your restaurant in order to attract new customers. Videos and pictures of your restaurant are great for sharing. Promote your events on social media to gain more attendees.

Personalized Restaurant Loyalty Rewards

So, you have dedicated customers yet you want to bring them into your restaurant more often? Offer a loyalty program that provides personalized rewards for customers. By entering special dates like birthdays and anniversaries, customers can receive special restaurant promotions on their important dates. This keeps customers coming back again and again, and makes them more likely to recommend your restaurant to friends.

Restaurant Event Management

Hosting fun events at your restaurant is an ideal way to draw in a large crowd. Whether you're holding a private function, a discount night associated with a local festival, or any other kind of restaurant event, you need excellent event management. You will be so busy planning and preparing for the event that you don't want to worry about organizing it. Automated event management alerts customers to the event, sends out reminders to boost attendance, and surveys customers after the event to gather valuable feedback. You will always know how many people are coming to your restaurant and what they thought of the event.

Email Newsletters for Restaurant News and Specials

Email newsletters are a great way to keep customers engaged and promote your restaurant. Need ideas? Feature menu highlights or new food and drink items, include coupons and other promotions to draw business and cater to each customer's unique tastes. Automation makes it simple to send personally targeted messages.

Sign up for a free trial of SimplyCast 360 to try automated restaurant promotion for yourself. Check out our restaurant page for more restaurant promotion ideas. Contact us to learn more!

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