SimplyCast Blog: Review Feedback Loop Info in Near Real Time

Review Feedback Loop Info in Near Real Time

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As an email marketer, we know that you want the best deliverability possible. The more people you can reach with your campaigns, the better business will be. That is why the newest version of SimplyCast's email marketing service is giving you access to important information that you can use to your advantage. When the new version of SimplyCast launches on August 10th, you will be able to review feedback loop information in near real-time. What does that mean? Basically it will give you the power to keep tabs on your deliverability and monitor any negative feedback towards your account.

This is just one of the many features that will be available when we launch. Sign-up today with coupon code LAUNCH3 and grab a 10% discount to get you started with our service.

Only a few days to go until the big launch. Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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