Running Your Own Film Marketing Services Through Automation

Running Your Own Film Marketing Services Through Automation

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Film Marketing Services

 Film marketing services currently offer a lot. They will assist with trailers, posters and website development, and some even assist with digital marketing and social media. What if you could do all that on your own and save time and money doing it? The cost of filming would lower exponentially, and there would be a greater potential for growth and innovation in the film business. On top of that, automating some film marketing would help to clear up the large debt loads film-related businesses can incur. Here are just a few ways that automation can allow studios to begin marketing themselves.

  • Once a website is established and social media pages created, SimplyCast Sonar can track where people spend time on your site, what they interact with, how they got there and more. By gathering that sort of information, studios gain access to information that allows them to make more targeted, segmented marketing campaigns that focus on specific demographics. This, in turn, leads to more sales.
  • When sending out marketing material, mailing list newsletters can be automated so that once the newsletter is written and ready to go, it automatically sends to the whole list. SMS, fax, and even phone can be set up through the SimplyCast 360 platform to do all this, allowing a studio to market over several channels at once to several different customer groups and track interactions with each. They could also keep an eye on the marketing engagement, offer contests and so on as the release date drew near, and begin to transform the way film marketing is done.
  • Once the messages are sent, the studio could even see what actions were taken with the messages and gauge the success of each segmented send, each demographic and each piece of content. By doing this over the entirety of production, the studio would then have a clear picture of how to market most effectively for release.
  • All the information gathered on the consumer in this way is stored in contact profiles in the contact manager, allowing marketing and sales staff to reference interactions and make the time before the film release just as engaging as the film itself. In this way, the film industry is able to more directly connect with their audience before a screening.

These are basic, powerful arguments for the use of marketing automation in film that allow a film house to open its very own film marketing services branch and connect with the consumer directly. This will boost sales, make customers more aware of movies that they may be ignored due to other events at the time, and raise the overall visibility of small film products as well as large. For more information regarding the film industry, check out the entertainment marketing page. To learn about marketing automation and the power it has to grow business at any level, have a look at the marketing automation page.

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