Sample Customer Service and Technical Support Survey Questions

Sample Customer Service and Technical Support Survey Questions

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Technical Support Survey Questions

Whether it is simply customer support or more specialized, technical support, understanding how your customers are interacting with your support representatives is crucial. Often overlooked by many companies is asking whether their customer support systems actually work and are effective because it admits that, perhaps, there are issues with what products you are offering. Essentially, with any type of customer service or technical support survey, you're gleaning what are the major and reoccurring issues with your products and how effective your staff are to help rectify these issues. Below you will find some customer service sample surveys and technical support questions.

Perhaps out of this critical data, you'll revisit your product, tutorial videos, FAQs and product information.

Customer Service Sample Surveys and Questions

How Satisfied Are You With Our Overall Customer Support?

Very Satisfied




This question may also be a ranking question, where you're asking your customers to rate your customer support through a numeric system (say, 1 for least satisfied and 5 for very satisfied).

Please Rate the Following About Our Customer Service Staff





How Many Times Did You Need to Contact Us Before Your Problem Was Resolved?




Four or more times

Again, this is critical information. If customers are repeatedly contacting you, then either your support staff is ineffective or your products are riddled with unsolvable issues. It goes without saying that if your customer is repeatedly contacting you about your product then you've guaranteed that this customer will never return.

Do You Have Any Suggestions To Improve Our Customer Service?

It doesn't matter what type of customer survey you're creating, this question is always included. As survey standards dictate, for any online survey, limit the space to 150 characters.

Sample Technical Support Survey Questions

How Did You Contact Our Technical Support Staff?


Instant Messaging on our website

Customer Service Support Telephone Line

Were We Able to Resolve Your Problem?

With this question, you can simply ask "Yes" or "No" with a space for the customer to further explain why the problem wasn't fixed.

What Problem Did You Experience With Our Product?

This question is entirely individual depending on what types of products (and services) you offer.

Again, you may actually break this question down into several different questions, or set up a matrix with numeric rankings.

Looking for more customer service sample surveys?

We hope these customer service sample surveys and technical support questions help you as you create your next online survey. You may also want to read Sample Survey Marketing Questions: Customer Satisfaction.

Contact us if you have any more questions!

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