Save Time and Money with an Automated Quote Program

Save Time and Money with an Automated Quote Program

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automated quote program

It’s no secret it takes a competitive advantage to succeed in the service industry. Often, potential clients will properly research their options, read online reviews, and acquire quotes from different competitors in the region before reaching out to a selected vendor. If a customer cares about the service they are receiving, they will likely evaluate several different companies before they buy.

For this reason, it is important your business does everything it can to actively engage the customer during the evaluation process to keep your company at the front of the prospect’s mind when they’re making their purchase decision. This is why an automated quote program to follow up with potential leads could help your organization not only close more sales but also ensure you are getting the most out of each transaction.

An automated quote follow-up program can do many things but its most important feature is it ensures no clients are overlooked. Every quote your company issues can automatically be followed up with a text message or email, sending that crucial reminder to the customer’s phone and giving them the option to accept with one click. And, if that customer doesn’t accept right away? A second reminder, third, or fourth can be triggered after a certain time period to prompt the customer to select your services.

Gone are the days when you have to spend time calling every potential customer back. An automated solution does that, and so much more for you.

Automated follow-up solutions can intuitively respond to customer input. For example, if a customer chooses to decline your quote based on the price, the automated system can immediately reply with a coupon, often changing the mind of the customer. This allows you to keep track of which customers are swayed by the price.

On the flip side of this, an automated quote program can also act as a salesman by up-selling your services by suggesting other services based on the quote they’ve accepted. It’s been reported that out of all customers who are sent targeted messages for additional work, 67% have responded positively to these types of engagements. These types of campaigns will ensure you are getting the most out of every sale.

Following up automatically with a text has proven to be a successful way to get your message in front of your clients. In fact, studies have shown that SMS has an incredible 98% open rate. These types of statistics are the reason that organizations using quote follow-up systems are reporting 80% close rates on all quotes they’ve issued.

Let SimplyCast build your personalized automated quote program – completely hands-free

Are you ready to take your service-based business to the next level? The Hands-Free team at SimplyCast will be happy to design an automated follow-up solution using SimplyCast’s quote program that fits all of your business’ needs. From the first text your client sees to the regular emails ensuring repeat business, we make sure that you’re satisfied with every step of your customer’s journey. Contact us today to get started.

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