Searching for a Better Alternative to Adobe Campaign?

Searching for a Better Alternative to Adobe Campaign?

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Better Alternative to Adobe Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most important platforms from which to get your message out. Like Adobe Campaign and the Adobe Marketing Cloud, SimplyCast is one of those email marketing companies that offer such a platform. SimplyCast specializes in multi-channel marketing, but our email product stands strong as a stand-alone product as well. With a plethora of features and a great deal of support and suggestions, SimplyCast produces a powerful product with a few important differences from Adobe Campaign.

Tracking data and templates are standard to most email marketing products. The ability to see when your messages are opened, when links have been clicked and so on is a valuable advantage over your competition. It allows you to target your emails and narrow your marketing focus, as well as act on ideas that work and scrap ideas that don't. Like Adobe Campaign, SimplyCast offers this data: we just happen to offer it for our entire product base, without classifying analytics and reports as a separate product.

SimplyCast offers not only social sharing and other easy to use features that you can drag and drop into the body of your email. We also offer actual social media automation that can be delayed to go out over time, even automating your social media posting. Once again, all these tools are available in the same application. We have the ability to try out more than one template and message using percentage split testing. We also have surveys, SMS campaigning and many other channels of communication and data gathering. Oru deliverability guarantee means that your messages have a 95% deliverability rate.

Want to manage your contacts? Not a problem at all. Like Adobe Campaign, SimplyCast offers a built-in customer manager or CM. Our CM integrates with our SimplyCast 360 platform to allow you to use the CM interactively in campaigns, as well as inside the CM itself. You can divide up your lists into still more comprehensive groups using tags, pipelines and more. Our CM will allow you to expand what you can do, as well as giving you yet another product in a single, simple, user-friendly application. We also offer integration with all CRMs.

The best part is that SimplyCast offers all this and more under one distinct name and company as a single product. This means that when you are billed at the end of the month, you're only paying once. You have the option of getting individual products or having them all bundled together. In addition, we offer all our products at a price that is highly competitive. So you get over 15 products for the price of one, all on a single bill, and you use one account to manage all your marketing automation, data gathering and more. What's more, our support team is constantly available to help you with concerns and questions. Our pricing and features can be easily found on our website, and our blog is packed with content to assist you.

SimplyCast is dedicated to innovation, and we take suggestions and requests from our customers. SimplyCast serves companies in 175 countries in 11 languages, and we know that everyone's needs are different. That's why we're always careful to make sure that nothing is overlooked. Our easy to find pricing and breadth of content and tools make us a fantastic Adobe Campaign alternative. Check out our pricing and features on our marketing automation page!

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