How to Sell Life Insurance with Automation Effectively

How to Sell Life Insurance with Automation Effectively

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Sell Life Insurance with Automation

One of the most essential ways to increase your success and profitability when selling life insurance is to build strong and personal client relationships. If people don't trust you or don't connect with you, they will not feel comfortable making one of the most important purchases of their life from you.

On a day to day basis, you most likely spend the majority of time communicating with clients. Emails, phone calls and face to face meetings take up hours of your day, but you can't abandon them. Consistent communication for each client is absolutely critical. You can, however, make your communication processes much more efficient.

Use automation to take care of all the daily communication tasks you normally face. With an automated insurance marketing solution, it is possible to provide a highly personalized experience for each client. Messages are automatically sent based on each client's personal profile, which includes their history, website activity, specific life insurance plan and so on. Personalized insurance communication increases client loyalty and keeps clients satisfied.

Save Time on Daily Tasks

How much time do you spend just reaching out to clients with basic communication? You can automate all those messages, from monthly payment reminders to birthday greetings to scheduled account updates and more. Your automated insurance marketing solution will pull information from each client's account in order to provide personalized notifications for each.

Personalized content builds a connection between you and each of your clients. You are showing each client that you are dedicated to meeting their unique needs.

Increase Client Referrals

Every insurance agent who has been in the business for a few years knows that client referrals are one of the best ways to gain new clients. Clients who are satisfied with your services are likely to share your name with other new leads. How do you gain these referrals? Of course you need to provide excellent client service. But that's just the first step.

Many clients don't give referrals simply because you have not asked. Send out an automated email to clients who have purchased life insurance from you. In the email, include a link to a survey. It is easy to create automated online surveys. You can even offer a small incentive to make clients more likely to take the survey.

Many automated marketing solutions include surveys as one of their integrated tools. All survey data is automatically collected and stored. Surveys enable you to gain useful client feedback and they also provide you with an opportunity to gain a referral. Include a question in the survey asking people to submit a small referral quotation if they wish. Tell clients that their comments may be used to promote your life insurance services on your website, on social media pages or in flyer ads.

Nurture Leads More Effectively

Track each lead from the moment they visit your website for the first time. Even before a lead signs up for your newsletter or provides any information, their website activity will be tracked in detail and stored. This tracking enables you to learn what your leads are interested in so you can reach them much more effectively. Cater to their personal needs with automated messages that will appeal to their individual interests.

Show Off Your Insurance Knowledge

You need to build trust in order to attract clients. Show yourself as an industry authority by presenting informative material through email and social media. Teach people and show them how to choose the life insurance that is right for their needs. By spreading your knowledge, you will entice visitors who come to your website and social media pages.

Provide links to informative insurance articles, show statistics and reports, write and share useful blog posts and show videos that include tips and advice on purchasing life insurance. Using marketing automation, your messages will automatically be shared on social media and through your regular insurance emails.

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